• Planning to Make Pastel de Tres Leches for the First Time?

    Cake with cake mix

    Of all Hispanic foods, postres are undoubtedly among the most recognizable. From flan to rice pudding, Hispanic desserts, particularly those from Mexico, have spread into the United States and across the world, verily becoming part of local cuisines. One look at these classic recetas de postres and it’s not terribly hard to see why they’re so popular.

    Of course, no discussion of Mexican desserts would be complete without mentioning pastel de tres leches, or three milk cake. As Pati’s Mexican Table, a popular foodie website writes, tres leches cake recipes make for the most popular dessertsContinue Reading

  • Cut Prep Time with Quality Knives

    Black ceramic knives

    What every kitchen needs is a great set of knives. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional — good knives are essentials for the kitchen to make your slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping much more efficient.

    Knives are an essential part of home baking supplies
    . It doesn’t matter if you’re cutting nuts, berries, chocolate, or any other delicious baking ingredient, your specialty baking supplies arsenal should include a quality knife because a good knife can cut your preparation time considerably.

    When you’re looking for a knife there are a number of things you need to think about including what you intend to do wit Continue Reading

  • Hungry? Why Not Have Some Salsa?

    Pico de gallo salsa dips

    When it comes to parties, picnics, or even just a quick snack at home, one thing is certain: everyone loves chips and salsa. Whether you prefer a classic mild salsa dip or like to mix things up with spicy or pico de gallo salsa dips, this easy staple is always tasty and leaves you coming back for more. But did you know that there are recipes using salsa that go far beyond a bag of corn chips? Or that the amount of fresh salsa calories in a typical container is very low?

    Because salsa is primarily made from vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and peppers, as well as spices, vinegar, and other simple ingredients, salsa nutrition is low in unhealthy fats and calories. It is easy to make or find in a local store, and is much less unhealthy than other dips that may be full of cream, cheese, or other fatte Continue Reading

  • Finding Perfect Date Restaurants

    American craft beers

    Looking for good restaurants for dates? In the mood for good craft beers? Those do not have to be mutually exclusive searches. In fact, you can find the perfect craft beer pubs near you for a great night on the town. Before you get too far into the process, you need to do a little preliminary research to find the perfect match.

    Sometimes finding restaurants in your area comes down to talking with friends and colleagues about their recommendations, especially if they share similar tastes as you and your date. As you look at various options for craft beer restaurants, you might also want to consider looking at different online reviews. Frequently you can find comments and feedback from other di Continue Reading

  • Why You Should Eat Out at a Family Diner

    Best breakfast

    When your schedule is hectic, it can be difficult to make time to cook meals, much less conserve the energy to prepare them. Between work, community gatherings, taking your kids to school, and transporting them to various activities, you simply don’t have a lot of time for anytime, and it can seem like a waste of what little you do have to run home and try to cook something that will please everyone. After all, what do you do when half of your family wants breakfast for dinner, but your spouse wants chicken? Sometimes, it may seem like your only option is to eat out at local restaurants.

    This reasoning is becoming more and more common as the average American becomes busier an Continue Reading

  • Avoid a Bad Wedding Cake Experience With These Three Tips

    Speciality birthday cakes

    “It is such a happiness when good people get together– and they always do,” Jane Austen once wrote. If you’re starting the formidable task of planning a wedding, it’s worth remembering that you’ve already gotten the hard part out of the way — you’ve found that special someone! Although planning can be stressful, it’s worth remembering that people are there to celebrate you, not the complementary shades of tablecloth or the perfectly arranged centerpieces.

    One fun part of wedding planning is getting the cake. Custom made cakes are fairly standard for weddings these days — since the cakes are large and personalized, you probably don’t want to buy them at the grocery store. That said, the Continue Reading

  • Warning – Reading This Will Make You Hungry

    Recipes using guacamole

    Did you know that guacamole was first created by the Aztecs during the 16th century? But you may be wondering, what is guacamole? Guacamole is an avocado-based dip that has become popular in both Mexican and American cuisine, which makes it a versatile condiment. There are two common types of fresh guacamole dips available, and both are beneficial in a variety of ways.

    1. Classic guacamole dip. The main ingredient in classic guacamole recipes is avocado. The avocado is mashed and mixed with several other ingredients, such as tomato, onion, and lime juice, in order to give it its distinct flavor. Classic guacamole is a relatively thick condiment that is not only eaten as a dip, but is also included in some salads, as well. As a result, guacamole is a multipurpose condiment that adds new flavor to a v Continue Reading

  • 10 Reasons to Support Farmers Markets

    Farmers are the producers of good food and they are the people who take serious note of your health and wealth. Inevitably, there are plenty of reasons to support them but we bring 10 main reasons to rub their shoulders.

    1.Taste Real Flavors:
    Farmers bring tasty, fresh and delicious fruits right after their cultivation. There is no cost charged for shipping, cleaning, and packing. All the foods being purchased from farmers markets are fresh and health friendly.

    2.Enjoy the Season:
    Farmers markets are not like super markets from where stored or frozen food is generally purchased. Farmers cannot sell unseasoned vegetables and fruits. They always bring those groceries that have been freshly produced. Hence, you can enjoy seasoned foods from the farmers markets.

    3.Support Family Farmers:
    In this era of inflation, it is necessary to help the families of farmers by directly purchasing foods from their markets. It has been researched that the ratio of farmer’s sale is quite low in the United States and most of the people waste their money in super markets by purchasing the costly and unhealthy groceries. Hence, always support farmers through direct or indirect shopping.

    4.Protect the Environment:
    As you know our environment is full with chemicals and dangerous gases, we always take polluted foods from those super markets that transport the items from more than 40 miles. In farmers markets there are very rare chances of chemical contamination due to short traveling distance.

    5.Nourish Yourself:
    It has been recommended that those foods which are sold in super markets are not nourishing. Actually, most of the shop owners use different chemicals, pests, genetic modifications, and hormones to increase their profits and sale duration. On the other hand, all the foods in farmers markets are fresh and healthy. And, they are not subjected to any modification.

    6.Discover the Spice of Life: Variety
    The variety you see in the farmers markets can hardly be found in super markets. The variety includes stinging nettles, green garlic, red carrots, a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, purple cauliflower, watermelon radishes, , maitake mushrooms ,quail eggs, and much more.

    7.Promote Humane Treatment of Animals:
    The animal farming can only be found in the farmers markets. They bring all naturally laid eggs, meat, cheese and milk. They do not mix any chemical or use injections to get more and more production.

    8.Know Where Your Food Comes From:
    In super markets you do not come in interaction with the shop owners. You shop like robots and do not know from where your foods come. On the other hand, when you shop from farmers markets, you are informed about the seasoned products and learn how the foods are grown. This helps you to understand the basics of agricultural economy.

    9.Learn Cooking Tips, Recipes, and Meal Ideas:
    Most of the grocery store owners do not know about cooking and recipes. They may not be able to address your basic queries of certain foods. But, in the farmers markets, you interact with those people who are not only sellers but also good chefs. This offers you a good opportunity to learn different piece of advices while shopping.

    10.Connect with Your Community:
    Shopping from the farmers markets offers you the opportunity to interact with your friends, family members, relatives and colleagues. It is the best way to develop strong relationships during the course of shopping. Besides, if you are consistent shopper of a farmer, he would give you different discounts on different foods.

  • Top U.S. Farmers Markets Every Food Lover Should Visit

    It has been noticed that food enthusiasts, chefs and house wives always run here and there to find a good farmer market place for purchasing some fresh foods. No doubt, most of the people prefer to visit local farmers to meet with their requirements but all the local farmers do not offer the same quality of services that is generally offered in big farmer markets.

    If you are looking for some cheap, fresh and good foods then try to visit the following great farmers markets of United States:

    1. Santa Fe Farmers Market
    2. Des Moines Farmers Market
    3. Minneapolis Farmers Market
    4. Portland Farmers Market
    5. Union Square Greenmarket
    6. Dane County Farmers Market
    7. Crescent City Farmers Market
    8. Green City Market
    9. Hilo Farmers Market
    10. How to Shop at a Farmer’s Market

    All of the above mentioned farmers markets are supposed to be worth visiting for all kinds of foods. And the thing distinguishes these markets from others is that there is no shortage of vendors, quality of foods, and services. Hence, for purchasing fresh and healthy fruits, always prefer above mentioned markets.

  • The Crisper Whisperer: 10 Tips to Take to the Farmers’ Market

    Do you easily purchase bunch of beets from farmer’s market? Do you have experience in this purchasing power? Have you ever investigated what you purchase and what is the worth of food? Do you know the food item you purchase is seasoned or unseasoned? Would it be beneficial for you?

    Here are some farmer’s market tips for you:

    1.Don’t be shy:
    It is not hidden from anyone that we are great fans of our local farmers. When you visit a farmer ask him about the food you do not know about. This would help you to understand what are the pros and cons of the foods you wish to purchase and how they can be beneficial. You should also inquire that whether the selected item is coming in the season or it is off the season. Make this practice as a part of your learning habit and once you develop this practice, you would easily save your time and money while purchasing a certain food.

    2.Find out why it’s not certified organic:
    It must be in your mind that if a produce is not labeled as organic does not mean that it is a dirty produce. Most of the farmers do not afford the USDA certification but still they use organic practices. To get the produce verified, try to find hidden source of organically farmed food and show it to the farmer that how his food was grown.

    3.Bring your own bag, and maybe a cooler:
    If you wish to not spoil the food you purchase then must carry a big with yourself when you visit a farmer’s market. It is a good gesture of goodwill toward the farmers and the small plastics bags being sold in the markets are not suffice for the food. Similarly, if your market is selling milk, eggs, fish, and cheese then bring a cooler with yourself.

    4.Shop early for selection, shop late (or in bad weather) for deals:
    If you are looking to buy something fresh and healthy then you have to wake up very early. Actually most of the fresh foods are purchased within the first few hours of the market opening and if you wish to buy a fresh seasoned food then visit the market just after its opening. Besides, if you cannot visit in the morning then go to market in late hours. In the evening most of the farmers offers good discounts to shoppers and this is the right time for you to get a bunch of food items on reasonable and fare rates.

    5.Bring small bills:
    Most of the farmers deal in cash in the markets. It would be better if you bring small bills to avoid any inconvenience.

    6.Buy the uggos:
    Ugly duckling will help you to get low costs on what you purchase. Though, a big majority of shoppers used to buy painted supermarket fruits bred for their uniform looks but oddest looking varieties could be best testing and cheap.

    7.Buy in quantity:
    If you wish to get some discounts then buy in bulk quantity. Certainly, if you buy 1 kg of Tomato from the farmer, he will not give you some discounts but when you buy 5 pounds of tomato he will surely give some discount.

    8.Shop around:
    Shopping around is a good habit. If you happen to encounter that several farmers sell the same product in the same row then do not hesitate to compare prices and quality of the foods.

    9.Try something new each week:
    Are you bored to eat same foods every week? Try something new this time. It is better to experience with new things rather than confining to certain limit of choices.

    10.Check Rate List:
    Most of the farmers place list before their shops. Hence, prior to beginning with shopping, must check the rate of all items.

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