5 Fun and Financially Rewarding Benefits of Becoming a Professional Coffee Roaster

Coffee roaster equipment

If you’re a caffeine junkie with an entrepreneurial bent, then starting a coffee roasting business might be the perfect venture for you. While it’s not easy by any means, there are several factors that can make this enterprise a rewarding one, both personally and financially. Here are five reasons you should consider roasting coffee as a side or full-time business:

  1. You’ll Get a Piece of a Profitable Industry

    Calling coffee popular doesn’t even begin to capture the ubiquity of the beverage. According to Business Insider, coffee is a $100 billion industry globally, coming in second only to oil and ahead of natural gas and gold when it comes to commodities. Becoming a professional coffee roaster in your hometown is a way to bring some of those profits into your own pocket and the local economy.

  2. You’ll Have More Limited Startup Costs

    When people think of starting a coffee-related business, they often think of a coffee shop first. But a coffee roasting business, whether it includes a storefront or is only home based, offers a more manageable way of getting started. Not only will you not need to pay to lease a large space, you’ll have far fewer labor and product costs.

  3. You’ll Get to Play With Cool Toys

    If you love gadgets and machines, then coffee roaster machines are sure to fascinate you. You’ll probably want to start out with a small batch roaster (both because they’re more affordable and because you won’t need the capacity of a larger machine), but these scaled-down versions are just as complex and powerful as larger commercial versions while being easier to operate.

  4. You’ll Get to Educate Yourself as You Go

    Even as a professional coffee roaster, coffee roasting is a segment of the coffee world that relies heavily on experimentation, constant adjustment and ongoing education. As you try different beans from growers around the world, you’ll develop not only a solid base of knowledge regarding coffee, but also a gut feeling as to the roasting profiles that will best bring out the flavors of each different batch of beans.

  5. You’ll Become a Part of the Community

    Especially if you make the effort to brand yourself as an artisanal coffee roaster, roasting coffee puts you at the heart of the slow-food, farm-to-table type community, whose members are often willing to pay a little more for local, gourmet products. You can build financially savvy relationships with local coffee shops and co-ops even as you build personally satisfying relationships with your customers.

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