• 5 Fun and Financially Rewarding Benefits of Becoming a Professional Coffee Roaster

    Coffee roaster equipment

    If you’re a caffeine junkie with an entrepreneurial bent, then starting a coffee roasting business might be the perfect venture for you. While it’s not easy by any means, there are several factors that can make this enterprise a rewarding one, both personally and financially. Here are five reasons you should consider roasting coffee as a side or full-time business:

    1. You’ll Get a Piece of a Profitable Industry

      Calling coffee popular doesn’t even begin to capture the ubiquity of the beverage. According to Business Insider, coffee is a $100 billion industry globally, coming in second only to oil and ahead of natural gas and gold when it comes to commodities. Becoming a professional coffee roaster in your hometown is a way to bring some of those profits into y Continue Reading