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5 Fun and Financially Rewarding Benefits of Becoming a Professional Coffee Roaster

If you’re a caffeine junkie with an entrepreneurial bent, then starting a coffee roasting business might be the perfect venture for you. While it’s not easy by any means, there are several factors that can make this enterprise a rewarding one, both personally and financially. Here are five reasons you should consider roasting coffee as […]

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New Study Says Coffee May Protect Against Certain Types of Skin Cancer

Opening a coffee shop or joining a coffee franchise is considered one of the most successful business ideas for a number of reasons: for example, an estimated 14 billion espresso coffees are consumed around the world every year, creating a significant demand for the product. Because of this, it isn’t surprising that the coffee industry […]

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Seasonally Driven Menus to Discuss with Your Caterer

Planning a party involves pulling together lots of details, and one of the best parts is planning the menu with the help of an event catering service. There are lots of event catering ideas that a client can discuss with a professional, and some caterers may even help with decor, table arrangements and food presentation. […]

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Three Tips for Transforming Your Favorite Hummus Dip Recipe into a Nutritional Powerhouse

As one of the most popular dips in the United States, hummus, like its cousin the classic mild salsa dip, is slathered on just about everything. Chips and hummus? That’s a match made in heaven. Fried eggs, toast, and a healthy dollop of roasted garlic hummus dip? What could possibly be more delicious? While this […]

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Why It’s Okay That Salsa is Your Favorite Food Ever

Did you know that, according to a recent report from the ever authoritative Fox News, salsa is now the most popular condiment in the United States? From classic mild salsa dip to those built on Southwestern salsa recipes, Americans just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. While flavor undoubtedly plays the biggest role […]