• Three Sweet Ways to Make a Wedding Unique

    Personalized wedding cookies

    Everyone wants their wedding to stand out from the rest, and many brides today are looking for different ways to make their wedding unique. While thinking outside the box is good, going to far outside of it can lead to major wedding mishaps. A bride’s best bet is to keep things simple and make subtle yet distinguished modifications. Take, for example, the wedding cake. Most guests will assume that there is going to be a wedding cake at the reception and the ceremonial cutting of the cake. Why not ditch the cake and surprise them with another treat that is a little different and just as delicious? Here are some desserts that make a good substitute:

    1. Popular Wedding Cookies – Gourmet cookies are a great way to Continue Reading
  • Taking a Trip to Israel? Here’s Where to Find the Best Food

    Different types of hummus

    When you think of Israel, chances are a whole lot of things come to mind. To say that the region has faced its fair share of war and turmoil over the last half century would be an understatement. As the Holy Land of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, it’s widely regarded as the spiritual epicenter of the world. It’s a complex, diverse region unlike any other.

    Nothing showcases this better than Israel’s food culture. From spicy hummus dips to kebabs, Israel draws on the food cultures of Egypt, Turkey, and many other neighboring countries, but what you’re left with is distinctly Israeli cuisine. If you’re planning to take a trip to Israel, whether to connect with your roots or to see some of the world’s most beautiful arc Continue Reading

  • Five Ways to Use Microgreens in Your Dishes

    Micro rainbow mix

    Any cook worth their salt knows that the most important quality of any dish is the recipe behind it: the quality of the ingredients, the spices and seasonings, and most importantly, the taste and smell. However, even with a great recipe, it can sometimes be challenging to make your food stand out and leave an impression. For this reason, many people have used garnishes to enhance the look of everything from lavish meals to buffet tables. However, many typical garnishes, such as parsley leaves, have become tired and commonplace; for this reason, everyone from five-star chefs to event planners are now turning to microgreens to give their plates, food and function a special, unique touch.

    Microgreens are edible flowers and plants used to accent a variety of foods, condiments and more. Originally produced Continue Reading

  • How War and Necessity Gave Rise to a Number of the Most Delicious Hispanic Foods

    Receta de cocina

    It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. Food, from the Iberian Peninsula to Hokkaido, Japan, demonstrates this idea more clearly than anything else. Consider, because of the need to preserve fish and rice so that they could have access to food throughout the year, early Chinese and Japanese invented what is now sushi. The classic French dish Coq au Vin started as a way for the poor to eat, when all they had was a rooster on its last legs and a bottle of old wine. It’s more accurate, perhaps, to say that necessity is the mother of great food.

    Many of the most famous Hispanic foods were born out of necessity, specifically the necessity that comes during wartime. From the Western Roman Empire to Occupied Spain to war torn Mesoamerica and South America, battle gave rise to some of the most Continue Reading

  • How to Make Authentic Mexican Salsa A Foodie’s Guide

    Fresh salsa

    There are very few foods that can’t be improved with a healthy dollop of salsa. Granted, you probably don’t want to mix classic mild salsa dip with coconut cream pie, cake, or other desserts, but as far as I’m concerned, desserts are really the only red zone. It’s this versatility that, according to Fox News, has made salsa the most popular condiment in the country — it even outsells ketchup.

    Whether you like to slather your morning eggs with your favorite different types of salsa, huevos rancheros style, or you’re more of a chips-and-salsa traditionalist, you know that the key to an enjoyable experience is an authentic salsa. Continue Reading

  • 3 Ways to Boost Profits for Your Coffee Shop

    5 lb coffee roaster

    Approximately 65% of Americans have coffee with their breakfast, so it’s no surprise that coffee shops are a $10 billion industry in the U.S. But if you’re a small coffee shop trying to compete with big chains, how can you raise your profits without sacrificing quality or driving your customers away with high prices?

    1. Get a 5 Lb Coffee Roaster

      OK, it doesn’t have to be exactly a 5 lb coffee roaster. But purchasing a small coffee roaster can be the perfect middle ground between an expensive commercial coffee roaster and paying someone else to roast your coffee for you.

      Being able to advertise that your shop roa Continue Reading

  • Knock Your Party Guests’ Socks Off with This Easy Hummus Recipe

    Best hummus recipe

    Hummus has quickly become one of the most popular dips in the United States. Hummus nutritional benefits are well known, and when you couple those with the incredible flavors of all the different types of hummus out there, the reasons for this popularity are obvious.

    As written on About.com, the first recorded recipe for hummus is thought to have originated in 13th century Europe, though that isn’t without controversy. Greeks, Arabs, and Israelis all claim that the first hummus recipe was actually their creation.

    Regardless of where it started out, hummus is now an international food. Here in the U.S., our supermarket shelves are lined with the s Continue Reading

  • How to Put a Little Extra Pizzazz into Your Favorite Flan Recipe


    Hispanic food, like all cuisine, is certainly no stranger to fantastic recetas de postres. From churros to turron, you wouldn’t be crazy to think that Hispanic cultures are home to some of the most delicious desserts in the entire world. Nothing proves this more than the supple, sweet, slightly savory treasure that is flan.

    This custard dish is said to have gotten its start under Roman rule of the Iberian Peninsula centuries ago. In truth, it really hasn’t changed all that much since the very first flan recipe. On some days, that’s great. After all, who doesn’t love the nostalgic, classic flavors of an authentic flan recipe? That sai Continue Reading

  • A Guide to Elegant Garnishes for Your Dishes


    Whether you’re hosting a small get together or planning a large formal event, adding unique accessories to the decor of the gathering helps ensure the guests enjoy themselves as much as possible. Having a memorable table spread or small hors d’oeuvre attest to the power of small details that help set a gathering apart from the others. With a growing cultural food awareness, having unique, fun, and interesting items for the guests to eat is one of the best ways to add that individual touch to your event.

    Uniqueness during a wedding is becoming more and more of a necessity. From the dress to the wedding cake, having some different from everyone else’s wedding helps make the big day more memorable. One of the simplest ways to add that unique touch to an event such as a wedding is to incorporate small sugar flowers f Continue Reading

  • Installing a Commercial Kitchen Hood

    Commercial kitchen wall cladding

    If you have a commercial oven and stove, you will want a commercial kitchen hood installation in order to handle the heat and the smoke. Gas commercial ovens really should be cleaned regularly for safety reasons. Pilot lights can accumulate build up food and grease that should be removed monthly. Commercial ventilation hoods should be cleaned twice a year by professionals, for sanitation and safety reasons. Commercial kitchen maintenance is imperative to keep your kitchen clean and safe and commercial kitchen hood installation is required. Hygienic wall cladding in a kitchen can help to reduce the amount of bacteria and it provides an easier surface for cleaning. Commercial kitchen wall cladding helps reduce the amount of bacteria on kitchen equipment as well which could transfer to food.

    Co Continue Reading

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