• Why You Shouldn’t Be Confused About All the Hubbub About Hummus

    Pico de gallo salsa

    America has gone through a series of changes in the last ten to fifteen years. Electric cars have become increasingly popular, no one listens to Ricky Martin anymore, the smartphone was invented, and then there’s hummus dip recipes.

    Believe it or not, hummus dips have been around for a long time. Like, a really, really long time. Like 13th-century ancient Egypt long time. In fact, the earliest documented recipe for a hummus recipe dates back to 13th-century Egypt, where chickpeas — the main ingredient in hummus — were grown as a staple food.

    However, although hummus has existed for quite some time and is widely popular in several Mediterranean countries, it wasn’t until roughly ten to fifteen years ago that hummus actually became popular in the states. Prior that time, hummus was conf Continue Reading