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Pass the Mimosas 4 Event Themes Trending Right Now

Planning an event? With event planning and catering, there’s a lot to consider. Professional catering services offer a great variety of choices to go with your event, and caterers may even be in charge of some decor, table arrangements, and food presentation. When working with a caterer, consider the type of event you would like […]

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How Coffee and Money Make the World Go Round

Nowadays, sipping — and spilling — tea is all the rage thanks to the advice of health gurus and of course Kermit the frog, however, coffee still remains the king of hot and cold beverages. If there was ever a business that was Recession-proof, it’s the coffee industry. Business Insider reports that coffee exportation alone […]

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Ten Facts About Ice Cream You Didn’t Know Before

Perhaps one of the best things about summer is that all the ice cream stores and stands and frozen yogurt stores suddenly become alive with people. New flavors, custom ice cream cups, frozen yogurt supplies, and more flood the stores, ready for sunny days when everyone is craving a sweet treat. There’s nothing better than […]

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Don’t Subject Yourself to Boring Food – Know the Three Signs of a Truly Unique Restaurant

Sure, those big name chain restaurants can do in a pinch when you’re hungry, but they’re somewhat lacking for special occasions. Bland, uninspired cuisine can ruin a fun night out, so choosing the right restaurant for everyone is a necessity to have a great evening. If you’re searching for a truly unique restaurant, look no […]