• 3 Delicious and Unexpected Ways to Use Roasted Garlic Salsa

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    You’ve probably seen the term “roasted garlic” used in tons of products, from traditional Italian roasted garlic pasta sauce to roasted garlic salsa. But what does it actually mean? Garlic is often used in cooked applications, so why is it sometimes roasted first? The answer is that roasting garlic brings out natural sweetness in it and mellows the overall bite, resulting in an almost nutty flavor. It’s a great option for kids, or for anyone else who likes a little garlic flavor but a little less punch.

    So how might you go about using all those roasted garlic products, now that you know how tasty they can be? Here are three suggestions for roasted garlic salsa recipes even the kids in your house will love to have for dinner.

    Three Creative Ways to Use Roasted Garlic Salsa