• Nutritious True Leaves and Microgreens along with Flavor for Your Meals

    True leaves, the tiny edible herbs and seasonings that come from vegetables and other plants, have been around from 20-30 years. Some of these include herbs like basil, arugula, chives, mustard, parsley, fennel, cilantro, mint, and dill. Both microgreen seeds and microgreen leaves can be used when cooking, depending on what you are making.

    The Use of True Leaves and Microgreens in Meals

    There are many different cooking methods that include true leaves, along with many microgreen varieties to add flavor to different meals. Some of these are used in cooking or baking, while others are intended for raw dishes or salads. True leaf microgreens are able to bring a wide variety of flavors to any meal, from leaves in salads along with dried to ground herbs used in various cooked meals.

    Nutrients from True Leaf Microgreens

    Various garden flowers, including crystallized flowers, edible flower Continue Reading

  • Three Reasons You Need To Add Micro Greens To Your Diet

    If there’s one activity Americans love doing quite often, it’s eating out. Going out to dinner can take the stress out of cooking, be part of an enjoyable night out and give customers a chance to try a new neighborhood restaurant.

    According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, households with incomes of $100,000 or higher are responsible for 36 percent of the total spending on food away from home. Additionally, the average fine dining cost per person in the U.S. amounts to $28.55.

    As elegant as fine dining can be, there are also many benefits to eating at home and eating healthy. One eating trend that has caught on in recent years is micro greens. They’ve been around for 20-30 years and micro greens are a tiny form (seedlings) of edible greens produced from very young vegetables, herbs and other plants.

    For those wanting to improve their health, organic micro greens can be used in almost anything. You can sneak micro greens in a smoothie, pile organic micro green Continue Reading

  • Making the Most out of Microgreens

    Edible flowers

    You’ve never heard of microgeens!  Yes, you have.  You’ve probably had them dozens if not hundreds of times as these petite greens have been gracing our tables and enriching our meals for more than a few decades now.  They are often used in those really yummy sandwiches and on these salads you get in specialty shoppes around the country but their colors, textures and tastes add to really any meal.

    These delectable herbs and vegetables, such as arugula or Swiss chard —  there are hundreds of kinds,  are harvested early — just after the first leaves have fully formed — from the plant.  People who know how to grow micrograms know when exactly to harvest them so they are at peak flavor, texture Continue Reading

  • A Guide to Elegant Garnishes for Your Dishes


    Whether you’re hosting a small get together or planning a large formal event, adding unique accessories to the decor of the gathering helps ensure the guests enjoy themselves as much as possible. Having a memorable table spread or small hors d’oeuvre attest to the power of small details that help set a gathering apart from the others. With a growing cultural food awareness, having unique, fun, and interesting items for the guests to eat is one of the best ways to add that individual touch to your event.

    Uniqueness during a wedding is becoming more and more of a necessity. From the dress to the wedding cake, having some different from everyone else’s wedding helps make the big day more memorable. One of the simplest ways to add that unique touch to an event such as a wedding is to incorporate small sugar flowers f Continue Reading