A Guide to Elegant Garnishes for Your Dishes


Whether you’re hosting a small get together or planning a large formal event, adding unique accessories to the decor of the gathering helps ensure the guests enjoy themselves as much as possible. Having a memorable table spread or small hors d’oeuvre attest to the power of small details that help set a gathering apart from the others. With a growing cultural food awareness, having unique, fun, and interesting items for the guests to eat is one of the best ways to add that individual touch to your event.

Uniqueness during a wedding is becoming more and more of a necessity. From the dress to the wedding cake, having some different from everyone else’s wedding helps make the big day more memorable. One of the simplest ways to add that unique touch to an event such as a wedding is to incorporate small sugar flowers for wedding cakes to really set the cake off. Edible flowers for cake decorating is a new, modern addition to the traditional wedding cake. While there are many different directions to go in when it comes to choosing the right wedding cake, adding attractive yet elegant garnishes to the cake give the cake a particular sense of sophistication.

Crystallized flowers or candied flowers, such as those used as sugar flowers for wedding cakes, are small micro greens that have been specially treated by skilled growers with a cellulose pulp and then crystallized using an egg white and sugar preservative. These small, edible flowers and plants can be used to add a vibrant accent to many dishes. While using crystallized micro greens as sugar flowers for wedding cakes is one of the more popular ways to implement them, they can also be used in drinks, teas, cocktails, jellies, salads, or even champagne during the wedding toast. No matter how the small candied flowers are used you can be sure that they will add just the right amount of decoration to not overpower or clutter the presentation.

Being that micro greens are grown by hand from specially trained growers you can also rest assured that you are helping support hardworking farmers when decoration your event. In a time of mass manufactured consumable food items it is now more important than ever to keep the provider in close proximity to the produce you purchase. Find out where micro greens are grown near you to go even further an support local growers. This adds a more ethical dimension to the decoration process, adding a stronger sense of responsibility and elegance to the event.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and add that unique touch to your wedding or event. You and your guests will be glad you did! Great references here.

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