How to Put a Little Extra Pizzazz into Your Favorite Flan Recipe


Hispanic food, like all cuisine, is certainly no stranger to fantastic recetas de postres. From churros to turron, you wouldn’t be crazy to think that Hispanic cultures are home to some of the most delicious desserts in the entire world. Nothing proves this more than the supple, sweet, slightly savory treasure that is flan.

This custard dish is said to have gotten its start under Roman rule of the Iberian Peninsula centuries ago. In truth, it really hasn’t changed all that much since the very first flan recipe. On some days, that’s great. After all, who doesn’t love the nostalgic, classic flavors of an authentic flan recipe? That said, on other days, you want to change things up. With these simple variations, you can respect the classic, while infusing some much needed extra oomph into this classic Hispanic dessert.

Three Flavorful Twists You Should Try the Next Time You Make Flan

  1. Try a Japanese Take on Your Recetas
  2. As you probably know, flan recipes are no longer limited to Spain, Mexico, and other Hispanic countries. The dessert is now eaten across the world, albeit with some liberties taken to fit cultural tastes.

    As details, one of the best versions of flan comes from Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun prefers to use less sugar in the custard itself, but supplements this lack of sweetness with a hard caramel shell on top. You need only make a simple caramel, ladle it on top of your flan dishes, and allow it to cool before serving to get a sweet bit of crunch in every bite.

  3. Let Your Guests Taste a Georgian Orchard with Every Bite
  4. For Parade, one of the best things you can do to kick that boring flan recipe into overdrive is bring some of the classic Georgian peach orchard flavor into your custardy delight. It may sound pretty fancy, but really all you need to do is add fresh peach chunks into the custard and a shot of your favorite peach schnapps. That’s all it takes to make something amazing.

  5. Combine Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Flan
  6. Everybody knows that few combinations are quite as divine as the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter. Need proof? Go bite into a Reese’s peanut butter cup. As suggests, sprinkling cocoa powder into the flan mixture, drizzling a layer of melted chocolate on top of the flan, and finishing it off with a dollop of peanut butter cream won’t really do wonders for your waistline, but your taste buds will never think of flan the same way again.

How do you take your classic flan recipe to the next level? Let us know in the comments below.

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