Installing a Commercial Kitchen Hood

Commercial kitchen wall cladding

If you have a commercial oven and stove, you will want a commercial kitchen hood installation in order to handle the heat and the smoke. Gas commercial ovens really should be cleaned regularly for safety reasons. Pilot lights can accumulate build up food and grease that should be removed monthly. Commercial ventilation hoods should be cleaned twice a year by professionals, for sanitation and safety reasons. Commercial kitchen maintenance is imperative to keep your kitchen clean and safe and commercial kitchen hood installation is required. Hygienic wall cladding in a kitchen can help to reduce the amount of bacteria and it provides an easier surface for cleaning. Commercial kitchen wall cladding helps reduce the amount of bacteria on kitchen equipment as well which could transfer to food.

Commercial kitchen hood installation is important because it is a device that has a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cooktop in the kitchen. A commercial kitchen hood installation will remove airborne grease, fumes, odors, steam, combustion products, smoke, and heat from the air by getting rid of the air and through filtration. In commercial kitchens, kitchen ventilation systems are generally used along with fire suppression devices so that fumes from a grease fire are properly vented and the fire can be put out quickly. Commercial ventilation systems may also be combined with a fresh air fan that takes in exterior air, circulates it with the cooking fumes, and then draws it out by the hood. Some vent hoods exhaust air to the outside, but with the ones that recirculate the air back into the kitchen, a filter is used to remove dust, odors, and grease. This filtration system is often known as the grease trap. So think about which type of commercial kitchen hood installation you are interested in.
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