Would You Eat Freeze Dried Bugs?

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Once you leave the Earth’s atmosphere, some relatively simple tasks, like eating, can get a little complicated. “No one delivers pizza in space. It’s sad but true. If you want to grow up to be an astronaut someday, don’t do it for the fancy meals!” Wonderopolis advises. Unfortunately, pizza delivery is still a no-go. There are plenty of food options — with some of them just getting plain weird — for astronauts to enjoy, and those options are only growing.

Are Freeze Dried Bugs Really A Thing?

You’re reading that correctly. One of the latest fads in freeze dried foods is actually freeze dried bugs. (Yum! …But not really.) Experts, including freeze dried food companies and freeze dried food manufacturers, explain that bugs are an extremely inexpensive source of protein. The nutritional punch at such a low cost, they continue, is capturing more consumers’ attention. Soon, you may very well notice your friend eating freeze dried bugs instead of a bag of potato chips. (Personally, I’d stick to freeze dried strawberries and freeze dried fruits.)

Why Can’t Astronauts Eat Cheeseburgers?

Simply put, people have tried. Unfortunately, bits and pieces of normal foods will inevitably “fall,” and — without gravity — float around the space shuttle. “Astronauts snuck corn beef sandwiches on board, though were later reprimanded when floating crumbs became an issue,” Listverse explains. Freeze dried foods, however, make it possible for astronauts to enjoy even the most unlikely meals and treats, including freeze dried lasagna and freeze dried ice cream.

Relax, There Are Condiments In Space!

Thankfully, Wonderopolis explains that astronauts don’t have to give up mayo! “Astronauts can also use condiments, like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, in packets to add flavor. Salt and pepper can be used, too, but they have to be used in a liquid form because otherwise the grains would just float away!”

For astronauts, freeze drying makes almost any mealtime favorite possible — and some think that freeze dried foods, including bugs, may also make an appearance in the general population, too. Find more on this here.

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