Making the Most out of Microgreens

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You’ve never heard of microgeens!  Yes, you have.  You’ve probably had them dozens if not hundreds of times as these petite greens have been gracing our tables and enriching our meals for more than a few decades now.  They are often used in those really yummy sandwiches and on these salads you get in specialty shoppes around the country but their colors, textures and tastes add to really any meal.

These delectable herbs and vegetables, such as arugula or Swiss chard —  there are hundreds of kinds,  are harvested early — just after the first leaves have fully formed — from the plant.  People who know how to grow micrograms know when exactly to harvest them so they are at peak flavor, texture and are the most visually appealing.  We like our food colorful and adding it makes the experience richer.  When we are at our most creative, when we are children, we prefer each meal to feature having six food colors and seven components.  But that drops to  three and three when we get to be adults.

There has been a lot of hype about microgreen growing at home and a lot of people think they have to know to how to grow microgreens to bring them home but it’s not true. You don’t need to know how to grow microgreens to being enriching your family’s meals! Any that you purchase at a store will be just as fresh and delicious as what you’d grow at home.

Ways to use microgreens:

  • Add beauty to your meals.  They come in a wide variety of colors and their dainty appearance adds class and sophistication to any dish or plate.  Professional chefs have known this for ages and that’s why they are so popular in high end or specialty shoppes.  They just make a meal feel more special.  It’s like dressing up your dinner (or lunch or breakfast).
  • Do you ever want the flavor of a great salad but want something just a little bit smaller?  Try a micro-salad!  Sure you can add them to a salad but they also make delightful micro salads.  For their size, they really pack a flavor punch.  So much more bang for your buck!
  • Bring out a new flavor in a dish.  They can be sweet or savory and just about everything in between!  Some are spicy and add that heat to a dish (curly pepper cress) — or how about try micro basil then next time you whip up a wonderful Italian meal. You can really, completely change the character of something you may have been cooking for years. There are so many to choose from — just try it, you’ll be glad you did.

Tips for buying and keeping your microgreens:

  1. For optimal storage, keep them at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees celsius.
  2. There is a rating scale for their quality with one being horrible and five being amazing. Buy from people who really know how to grow micrograms and you’ll always be safe!

And the end of the day, microwgreens are a really fun way to switch up your food. And you don’t have to know how to grow microgreens to start adding their spice to your family’s lives.

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