Three Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Hummus

Salsa dips
  1. A History Lesson
    Hummus has origins dating back thousands of years ago, in the 13th century in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Greece, and Palestine, and Syria. It all started when the Phoenicians brought the chickpea back to the Middle East 7,000 years ago.
    But despite its ancient origins, the deliciousness that is hummus dip did not hit American health food store shelves until the 1960s. And even then, hummus dips were only popular among certain crowds. It took decades for Americans to warm up to the distinct yet delicious taste of hummus.
  2. Hummus Among-us
    Today, hummus is so popular that it’s actually considered the dominating dip among the “refrigerated dips” category, as told by the Symphony IRI Group. They also reported that merely 15 years ago, hummus was only a $5 billion dollar industry led by only 15 companies. However, the present disposition of hummus brands has changed dramatically.
    Based on telemarket research conducted in 2010, researchers have reported that hummus saled increased a total of 35% over just 21 months, and overall, sales reached $300 million. Now that’s a lot of chick peas!
  3. Hummus HUMONGOUS?
    A typical serving of hummus is about two tablespoons. Within two tablespoons of hummus, one can expect to ingest about 60 calories and two grams of protein. For more protein, people sometimes double or triple that amount. That’s definitely an okay thing to do.tahini hummus dip ever created.

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