The Joy Of The Mediterranean Try Hummus Today!

Party appetizer ideas

One food that has recently garnered attention and increased popularity, especially in the United States and Canada has been hummus, both store bought and homemade. It’s a healthy alternative to chips or other salty snack foods, comes in a variety of flavors, and is relatively inexpensive. It’s versatile and tasty, while still being a health conscious choice. If you’re looking for fast and easy appetizers, look no further than hummus and chips or hummus and veggies. Hummus can go on almost anything and taste good! It’s vegetarian and vegan, making it a friendly option for any friends with dietary restrictions.
What’s Hummus Made Of?
The basic ingredients of hummus are chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and seasonings that usually include salt, garlic, and a citrus juice. Hummus comes from the Middle East and has ben eaten for centuries in a variety of different forms. It’s a great and versatile dish, because it can be eaten as an appetizer (with pita bread, crackers, vegetables, etc.,), as a more main meal with other vegetables, meat, or fish, or added to other ingredients in a particular dish. Substituting chicken for hummus in lettuce wraps, for example, can be a great way to eliminate some meat from your diet and still have a fun party dish.
Why Is Eating Hummus Good For You?
The chickpeas add a good dose of folate to your system — almost 40% in one cup of what experts recommend you consume daily. What’s folate you may ask? It’s a vitamin that can lower certain kids of cancer and can reduce your risk of heart disease. As compared to chips or other salty snack foods, one serving of hummus only dishes up 130 mg of sodium — not bad!
If you’re watching your weight, there was a study done in 2014, by the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, that shows hummus snackers are almost 55% less likely to be obese and over 50% more likely to have lower blood sugar than non-hummus eaters. Lastly, if cutting down meat in your diet is a goal, Canada’s Food Guide has suggested consuming three-quarters of a cup of hummus instead of one food serving of meat.
What Are Some Good Hummus Recipes?
If you’re looking for fast and easy appetizers, look no further than hummus! If you want to go the homemade route, there are hundreds of recipes online for your viewing pleasure. If you want to branch out from the more general plain hummus, you could search for sun dried tomato hummus recipes or roasted garlic hummus recipes or even pesto hummus recipes! You’re sure to find variations that will please you and all your guests. Some newer cookbooks may also have hummus recipes revamped for a younger generation, but most comprehensive cookbooks are sure to at least have the basic recipe!
The next time you’re looking for ideas that fall under the category of fast and easy appetizers or are looking for a better snack for you or your family, consider picking up a tub of hummus at the store or endeavoring to make your own! The results are sure to satisfy!

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