How to Decorate a Wedding Cake With Edible Flowers

Edible candy flower

If you’re planning a wedding, chances are at least one baker has tried to talk you into a cake covered in fondant. This look, while popular right now, has one fatal flaw: Fondant doesn’t taste good. Picture this as an alternative: a simple tiered cake covered in soft, delicious frosting and topped with brightly colored hibiscus sugar flowers.

Floral Options

There are actually many options when it comes to using edible flowers for cake decorating. The first option is to use fresh edible blossoms (these are varieties that are completely safe to eat, upgrading them from a garnish to an actual element of the dish). You might even be surprised at the delicious and subtle flavor of some flowers you’d previously only thought to look at. In order to create a lush and luxurious feeling, you could even add some edible flower petals sprinkled between bunches of fresh blooms.

The other option is to choose candied flowers. Candied or crystallized flowers are preserved with sugar, which gives them a different texture and taste. This also provides a slightly more polished look.

An Unconventional Twist

If you’re going for a more casual look for your wedding (or any other event, for that matter), you might want to join in on the gourmet cupcake trend. Sugar flowers for cupcakes can range from tiny ones incorporated into a more complex frosting pattern to ones that are large enough that they’re the only decoration needed (though of course your guests would probably appreciate some yummy frosting underneath). When you stack your cupcakes up on tiered stands, it will look like a garden right there on the display table. To create an even more casual feel, vary the types of flowers and frosting colors. If you choose a few different kinds of cake, too, your guests will even be able to choose their favorite types.

Would you prefer a gorgeous cake topped by hibiscus sugar flowers to a perfectly tailored fondant one? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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