• How to Decorate a Wedding Cake With Edible Flowers

    Edible candy flower

    If you’re planning a wedding, chances are at least one baker has tried to talk you into a cake covered in fondant. This look, while popular right now, has one fatal flaw: Fondant doesn’t taste good. Picture this as an alternative: a simple tiered cake covered in soft, delicious frosting and topped with brightly colored hibiscus sugar flowers.

    Floral Options

    There are actually many options when it comes to using edible flowers for cake decorating. The first option is to use fresh edible blossoms (these are varieties that are completely safe to eat, upgrading them from a garnish to an actual element of the dish). You might even be surprised at the delicious and subtle flavor of some flowers you’d previously only thought to look at. In order to create a lush and luxurious feeling, Continue Reading