Three Basic Brunch Dishes That Will Make Your Life Easier

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There’s a reason that brunch is everyone’s favorite meal. Half breakfast, half lunch, it offers the most versatile and varied menu, cocktails in the morning, and a reason to get up before 11 am on Sundays. Throwing a Sunday brunch can be a super fun and laid back affair, but planning and hosting one can get to be a little stressful. One way to make things a little easier is to plan a brunch buffet, so people can serve themselves. Here are three great base brunch dishes to start with.

1. Scrambled Eggs
Eggs are a staple of any Sunday brunch buffet, and for good reason. Eggs are relatively inexpensive, easy to cook, and easy to make in large quantities. There’s also a lot of opportunity here to create a scrambled egg bar — by offering different toppings and things that guests can add to their dish. Try different meats like cubed canadian bacon or sausage and vegetables like peppers and onions for your vegetarian guests.

2. Oatmeal
Another really easy brunch buffet base dish is oatmeal. It doesn’t matter much which type of oats you buy, but make sure you give yourself enough time to cook it — different oats require different cooking times. Since oatmeal is traditionally a sweeter dish, offer things like brown sugar, dried fruits, and nuts that guests can add to their dish.

3. Mac and Cheese
This one takes more of a lunch angle than a breakfast one, but that is the beauty of the meal — it’s versatile. Mac and cheese is another one of the great base brunch dishes that guests can add things to. Offer small bits of meat like ham or bacon to mix in, and offer a bunch of different sauces for guests to use. Hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and Sriracha are all good options.

Do you have any other easy Sunday brunch ideas? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

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