Three Tips for Transforming Your Favorite Hummus Dip Recipe into a Nutritional Powerhouse

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As one of the most popular dips in the United States, hummus, like its cousin the classic mild salsa dip, is slathered on just about everything. Chips and hummus? That’s a match made in heaven. Fried eggs, toast, and a healthy dollop of roasted garlic hummus dip? What could possibly be more delicious?

While this classic chickpea-based concoction is undoubtedly scrumptious, its also one of the healthiest things you can eat. As Men’s Health details, with heart healthy fats, a much needed punch of dietary fiber, and a seemingly endless list of vitamins and minerals, hummus is already a nutritional juggernaut that can help you keep the pounds off.

We’re not satisfied with just keeping the pounds off. We’re going to show you how, with just a little work, you can bolster your favorite hummus dip recipe, changing it into something that can fight heart disease, improve your skin, and make building muscle a whole lot easier.

How to Turn Your Favorite Hummus Dip Recipe into a Nutritional Wonder

  • Get Your Olives in Some Way, Shape, or Form
  • As the online guide to eating healthy on a budget Broke and Healthy details, using olive oil in your hummus dip recipe is key to making the best possible version of this dip. On the one hand, olive oil is delicious, so why wouldn’t you use it? On the other, it’s full of mono and polyunsaturated of fats, both of which have been shown to improve your heart health.

    If you don’t like the smoother texture of hummus that results from using olive oil, don’t worry. By adding chopped black olives, or any other olive of your choice, you can gain all the health benefits of olives, without worrying about ruining the consistency of your dip.

  • Boost the Protein by Going for Edamame
  • Chickpea-based hummus is well known for its high quantities of heart-healthy fats, but it’s not exactly a protein powerhouse. Spark People, a guide to living better, suggests that you can fix that problem by substituting edamame for your chickpeas. Edamame makes a smooth, green hummus that’s as full of protein as it is full of flavor.

  • Tahini Hummus Dips Offer a Slew of Health Benefits
  • Tahini, or sesame paste, is a traditional ingredient in most classic hummus, but for one reason or another, it’s making less frequent appearances in popular hummus brands. If you buy a hummus without tahini or your hummus dip recipe simply doesn’t call for any, do yourself a favor and add a dollop or two of the smoky paste.

    Tahini is stuffed to the gills with zinc. Not only can this mineral strengthen your immune system, it’s also been tied to clearer skin. Beyond that, early studies suggest that a diet high in zinc can actually help prevent premature hair loss in both men and women.

Are there other little tricks you do in the kitchen to make your favorite hummus dips a little healthier? Share those tricks with us in the comments below.

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