• 4 Reasons to Eat More Salsa

    Different types of salsa

    When most people in the U.S. think of salsa, they think of classic mild salsa dips served up with big bowls of tortilla chips. But there are many different types of salsa, and their uses go far beyond snacking. What is salsa good for besides dipping, and why should you learn? Read on to find out why you should incorporate more salsa into your diet in multiple ways.

    1. It’s Delicious

      Let’s get the obvious point (and primary concern) out of the way: Salsa tastes good. Because there are quite a few varieties, you can control the spice level and flavor profile, as well as get a kick from your favorite ing Continue Reading

  • Hungry? Why Not Have Some Salsa?

    Pico de gallo salsa dips

    When it comes to parties, picnics, or even just a quick snack at home, one thing is certain: everyone loves chips and salsa. Whether you prefer a classic mild salsa dip or like to mix things up with spicy or pico de gallo salsa dips, this easy staple is always tasty and leaves you coming back for more. But did you know that there are recipes using salsa that go far beyond a bag of corn chips? Or that the amount of fresh salsa calories in a typical container is very low?

    Because salsa is primarily made from vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and peppers, as well as spices, vinegar, and other simple ingredients, salsa nutrition is low in unhealthy fats and calories. It is easy to make or find in a local store, and is much less unhealthy than other dips that may be full of cream, cheese, or other fatte Continue Reading