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Knock Your Party Guests’ Socks Off with This Easy Hummus Recipe

Hummus has quickly become one of the most popular dips in the United States. Hummus nutritional benefits are well known, and when you couple those with the incredible flavors of all the different types of hummus out there, the reasons for this popularity are obvious. As written on, the first recorded recipe for hummus […]

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How to Put a Little Extra Pizzazz into Your Favorite Flan Recipe

Hispanic food, like all cuisine, is certainly no stranger to fantastic recetas de postres. From churros to turron, you wouldn’t be crazy to think that Hispanic cultures are home to some of the most delicious desserts in the entire world. Nothing proves this more than the supple, sweet, slightly savory treasure that is flan. This […]

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Installing a Commercial Kitchen Hood

If you have a commercial oven and stove, you will want a commercial kitchen hood installation in order to handle the heat and the smoke. Gas commercial ovens really should be cleaned regularly for safety reasons. Pilot lights can accumulate build up food and grease that should be removed monthly. Commercial ventilation hoods should be […]

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Would You Eat Freeze Dried Bugs?

Once you leave the Earth’s atmosphere, some relatively simple tasks, like eating, can get a little complicated. “No one delivers pizza in space. It’s sad but true. If you want to grow up to be an astronaut someday, don’t do it for the fancy meals!” Wonderopolis advises. Unfortunately, pizza delivery is still a no-go. There […]

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How to Tell the Best Sushi Restaurants from the Worst

Sushi bars and restaurants have become some of the most successful restaurants in the United States. Offering some of the world’s top cuisine, sushi joints now number above 4,000, according to the most recent statistics from IBIS World. While it is undoubtedly a good thing that local sushi restaurants have become so ubiquitous, their prevalence […]