3 Ways to Boost Profits for Your Coffee Shop

Can you order coffee for delivery? While food delivery has been common for decades, coffee and tea delivery are less visible. While there is a demand, the logistics of it can get difficult. Plus, it ends up making a cup of coffee more expensive and potentially not worth the cost. If you really want good coffee at home, you might need to make it yourself. You can look into bean to cup coffee machines that will give you a gourmet cup of coffee without ordering it from somewhere else. While the coffee bag price might be more expensive than what you’d find at the grocery store, it is generally higher quality coffee. Sometimes it is even better than the coffee that the shops near you offer.

You can buy coffee bags online and save some money. While this approach does mean a little extra work for you, it will allow you to have the coffee you want at home or at work. You won’t need to go out and buy it or pay extra money to have someone deliver it to you.

5 lb coffee roaster

Approximately 65% of Americans have coffee with their breakfast, so it’s no surprise that coffee shops are a $10 billion industry in the U.S. But if you’re a small coffee shop trying to compete with big chains, how can you raise your profits without sacrificing quality or driving your customers away with high prices?

  1. Get a 5 Lb Coffee Roaster

    OK, it doesn’t have to be exactly a 5 lb coffee roaster. But purchasing a small coffee roaster can be the perfect middle ground between an expensive commercial coffee roaster and paying someone else to roast your coffee for you.

    Being able to advertise that your shop roasts its own beans using an “artisanal coffee roaster” can be good for business, too. And if operating a larger coffee shop isn’t what you have in mind, you can also keep it smaller with a coffee roasting business.

  2. Add Variety—Just Not Too Much

    Offering higher-priced drinks, such as espresso or lattes, can get your customers to pay quite a bit more than they would for drip coffee. Or, you can recommend a flavor shot that adds a little to the average order (take a cue from the incredibly popular pumpkin spice latte and rotate seasonally for extra appeal). Iced tea is another good choice, since it can pull in customers during the warmer months and costs very little to make.

    Be cautious though, that your customers aren’t being overloaded by too many options. If your customers can’t take in the menu, they may opt for a plain old cup of Joe just to keep things simple.

  3. Offer Coffee Education

    There are approximately 50 different species of coffee grown all over the world (the only state to grow coffee in the U.S. is Hawaii). These all have subtly different flavors, and introducing your customers to the various ones will increase their passion for good coffee and make them more likely to come back to you instead of stopping by any coffee shop or fast food joint for their morning caffeine fix.

    Try hosting coffee tastings at your shop. Bring in different varieties and coach your customers on how to appreciate each one. Not only can you charge a small fee for the tastings, you can cultivate better future customers.

What makes you choose one coffee house over another? Share in the comments. Learn more at this link: coffeecrafters.com

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