Five Ways to Use Microgreens in Your Dishes

Micro rainbow mix

Any cook worth their salt knows that the most important quality of any dish is the recipe behind it: the quality of the ingredients, the spices and seasonings, and most importantly, the taste and smell. However, even with a great recipe, it can sometimes be challenging to make your food stand out and leave an impression. For this reason, many people have used garnishes to enhance the look of everything from lavish meals to buffet tables. However, many typical garnishes, such as parsley leaves, have become tired and commonplace; for this reason, everyone from five-star chefs to event planners are now turning to microgreens to give their plates, food and function a special, unique touch.

Microgreens are edible flowers and plants used to accent a variety of foods, condiments and more. Originally produced as an edible decoration in Southern California in the 1990s, microgreens are extremely delicate and require specialized knowledge and experience to be grown properly. However, the effort that goes into growing and preparing these edible flowers and plants is well worth the care they receive, as microgreens can be used in a wide variety of dishes. Read on to learn about the options these edible accents can offer your recipes!

Have a Drink
Whether you’re creating a signature drink or a more traditional cocktail, the spectacle is as important as the taste. For this reason, edible flowers and plants make a great addition to many glasses.

How About Some Condiments?
One of the most popular uses for microgreens, particularly edible blossoms, is in condiments such as vinegars, dressings and syrups. They can also be mixed into butter or cheese. This makes it possible for you to customize and enhance every step of the meal, making it clear that no detail was spared.

Add a Special Touch to Your Appetizers
Any appetizer tray or plate can always use a little something extra to help it stand out and mentally prepare guests for the meal to come. Depending on the food being served, a chef might add crystallized flowers or herbs, which are coated in egg white and sugar before being dried, or something more savory. Cheese plates in particular are often decorated with crystallized, carmelized or candied flowers.

And Now for the Main Course!
Microgreens are a great way to set every stage of a meal apart, while also creating a unified theme. Imagine using edible flowers and plants in salads or alongside meats, pastas and more.

Dessert, Anyone?
Edible flowers are most often found at this stage of an event or meal, but the ways in which they can be used are almost endless. Use them to decorate cupcakes, cakes and more, and consider having them crystallized or candied for added effect.

Microgreens, from herbs to crystallized flowers, offer a number of possibilities for every stage of a meal. If your recipes are ready, your event is set, but you still need a way to help unify and enhance your dishes, these specially-grown plants can likely help. Contact a microgreen grower near you today to discuss different varieties and their uses.

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