Taking a Trip to Israel? Here’s Where to Find the Best Food

Different types of hummus

When you think of Israel, chances are a whole lot of things come to mind. To say that the region has faced its fair share of war and turmoil over the last half century would be an understatement. As the Holy Land of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, it’s widely regarded as the spiritual epicenter of the world. It’s a complex, diverse region unlike any other.

Nothing showcases this better than Israel’s food culture. From spicy hummus dips to kebabs, Israel draws on the food cultures of Egypt, Turkey, and many other neighboring countries, but what you’re left with is distinctly Israeli cuisine. If you’re planning to take a trip to Israel, whether to connect with your roots or to see some of the world’s most beautiful architecture, here are three of the best places to get some of the best food in the entire country.

Where to Get the Best Food in All of Israel

  • If You Want Hummus Spread, You Have to Go to Jerusalem
  • Israeli hummus is distinctly different from the different types of hummus you’ll typically see in your supermarket back home. You’ll recognize the smooth texture of the dip itself, but the idea of adding in whole toasted pine nuts, chickpeas, or fava beans and drowning the mixture in quality olive oil is altogether quite foreign for many.

    If you want to experience the best spicy hummus dip and other varieties in Israel, you need to head to Abu Shukri in Jerusalem. As Serious Eats details, the eatery is widely regarded as one of the best in the city. Its spicy hummus dip, gently accented with Turkish paprika, is the talk of the town. Warning: don’t try asking for an easy hummus recipe that will replicate their fantastic hummus. You’re more likely to be thrown out than given the secrets of this classic dish.

  • Tel Aviv’s Adora is the Spot for a Traditional Breakfast
  • Israeli breakfast is typically a simple plate of vegetable salad, eggs, bread, cheese, and juice. Now, being a simple dish doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to put it together in just the right way. That’s why IsraelFoodGuide.com recommends visitors head to Adora in Tel Aviv. The flavors are fresh, the coffee is piping hot, and the view simply can’t be beat.

  • Want Dessert? Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Gadera 26 is For You
  • As anyone who has visited the country can tell you, the days can get awfully hot as you traverse Israel’s streets. For The Jerusalem Post, nothing helps fight this heat like malabi, a chilled custard made of rose water, flour, and milk. You’ll find no shortage of stalls offering this refreshing dessert, whether you’re in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, but if you want the best, you need to go to Gadera 26 in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Where do you go in Israel for your favorite roasted garlic hummus dip, malabi, or other classics? Give us a location and a story in the comments below.

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