• Are You Making Plans for Your Wedding Day?

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    The decision to have a Friday evening movie was a difficult sale. In fact, if you had let your mom have her way, the wedding might not have ever happened at all. According to her there were exactly two requirements that were not up for negotiations: the wedding had to be in a church, and it had to be on a Saturday.
    Unfortunately, as you began the whole planning process, two things became immediately apparent: the church was booked and the Saturday options were very limited. After convincing your mom to take a very deep breath on several very stressful occasions, your father finally took charge. He explained to your mom that both of her requirements, though they would certainly be lovely, were anything that had to happen. No one in your family, not even your mother who had been on the church council f Continue Reading

  • Seasonally Driven Menus to Discuss with Your Caterer

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    Planning a party involves pulling together lots of details, and one of the best parts is planning the menu with the help of an event catering service. There are lots of event catering ideas that a client can discuss with a professional, and some caterers may even help with decor, table arrangements and food presentation. Before hiring a caterer, clients should make sure they are aware of food safety laws, which can vary by state. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the catering business or finding out some new event catering ideas should keep reading to learn about some seasonally driven menus that are sure to be a hit with guests.

    Wint Continue Reading

  • Finding Perfect Date Restaurants

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    Looking for good restaurants for dates? In the mood for good craft beers? Those do not have to be mutually exclusive searches. In fact, you can find the perfect craft beer pubs near you for a great night on the town. Before you get too far into the process, you need to do a little preliminary research to find the perfect match.

    Sometimes finding restaurants in your area comes down to talking with friends and colleagues about their recommendations, especially if they share similar tastes as you and your date. As you look at various options for craft beer restaurants, you might also want to consider looking at different online reviews. Frequently you can find comments and feedback from other di Continue Reading