Are You Making Plans for Your Wedding Day?

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The decision to have a Friday evening movie was a difficult sale. In fact, if you had let your mom have her way, the wedding might not have ever happened at all. According to her there were exactly two requirements that were not up for negotiations: the wedding had to be in a church, and it had to be on a Saturday.
Unfortunately, as you began the whole planning process, two things became immediately apparent: the church was booked and the Saturday options were very limited. After convincing your mom to take a very deep breath on several very stressful occasions, your father finally took charge. He explained to your mom that both of her requirements, though they would certainly be lovely, were anything that had to happen. No one in your family, not even your mother who had been on the church council for six years, could create an open Saturday that simply was not there. The pastor never offered Friday night options, so once your childhood church was out of the picture, your mom became a little more reasonable. She admitted, for instance, that she was pleasantly surprised with how much more affordable venues were when you looked at the Saturday options.
The fact that the Saturday offerings were few and far between, encouraged your mother to consider Friday evening or Sunday afternoon possibilities. In the end, your mother somewhat reluctantly agreed to a Friday evening wedding in a beautiful setting with a whole wall of windows overlooking a beautiful forrest. You would not be able to have your the pastor from your church officiate, but in the end your mother fell in love with the minister from your college campus where you had been going to church for the last five years.
Deciding on a Venue and a Date for a Wedding Is Not Always Easy
With the venue and the date set, it was finally time to move onto what you hoped would be more fun and less stressful decisions. After many tasting appointments and discussions about the food options, you finally decided on serving a heavy hors doeuvres menu. Divided into different table with different themes, you, your soon to be husband, and your mother were all able to select a set of foods to create some pretty unique hors doeuvres menus.
Your boyfriend simply wanted a nacho bar that would be opened up late in the evening so that the partiers, who would surely be hungry by the end of the night would have something good to eat; you wanted a healthy chicken salad bar with a number of options; and your mom wanted a more traditional choice of hors doeuvres menu items that she was certain her friends would love. You would serve cupcakes instead of cake, and your dad announced that he was satisfied that all of the food catering menu choices were made without any harsh words or tears!
Wedding Decisions Are Easier When You Use the Best Event Planner Services
Weddings and other big life celebrations should be fun, but when you are in the middle of making difficult decisions about venues, dates, and hors doeuvres menus the fun often goes by the wayside. Making an early decision to work with an event planning and catering service, however, can help the process. Knowledgable about nearly all of the choices that you need to make and the ideas that you want to incorporate, the assistance of an event planner can be invaluable.
Even the best wedding menus are easier to pull off if you take the time to consult with an experienced event planner.

  • In most situations when you hire a caterer, you do not get to keep the leftovers. In fact, you only get what you paid for and what your guests ate, unless you have pre-arranged something differently in a contract.
  • Decisions made ahead of time can be more well thought out.
  • Outside catering services often provide more reasonably priced options.
  • If you are marrying in a rural location, expect limited facilities. The less your venue has in the way of ovens, prep stations, and equipment, the more it will cost to bring in these items.
  • Day-time weddings are less expensive and growing in popularity.
  • Offer brunch menus with mimosas, bloody Marys, or omelets for morning events.

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