How Food Metal Detectors Can Help Save Lives on a Food Packaging Line


Many people do not consider the benefits behind having a quality food metal detector, and how it can save the lives of consumers before food is even shipped off to the store. This is important not only for the safety of those who consume the products, but also for the brand itself. Consider how it would look if the brand left the store without being properly checked. Consumers would develop a negative attitude and no longer want to purchase it. But thanks to food x-ray machines, this takes the burden out of the packaging process, making everything much more streamlined.

Having a Food Metal Detector Saves Brand Reputation

By having a food metal detector, companies can ensure that food is properly checked before it makes its way off to the store for purchase. This is helpful in saving lives, since almost 50 million Americans get sick every year, with illnesses that are related to food. Almost 130,000 of these individuals must go the hospital every year for food-related injuries, making it important to review and keep brand integrity in check at all times.

There Are Different Types of Metal That Can Become Lodged in Food Before It is Inspected

Although food metal detectors and x-ray food inspection machines are adapt at finding various substances that are lodged in food but do not belong there, it is helpful to know they are equipped at finding more than one. Some of the metal contaminants that can be found in the food packaging process include stainless steel, and both ferrous and non ferrous metals. When the machines find them, they can alert workers, thus protecting brand reputation, and insuring that consumers never even purchase the product, thereby saving their lives.

X-Ray Machines for Food Inspection and Metal Detectors Are Skilled at Discovering Metal of All Sizes

When most people think of metal, they often envision large pieces. However, metal can be small as well, and in those cases, it is even more important to find it before it makes it out of the factory. Thankfully, food metal detectors can locate pieces of metal even as small as 2.5 mm. For x-ray machines, which are able to see very small pieces, they can see them even as tiny as 1.5 mm. Since this might never be seen by even a keen eye, it is very helpful in maintaining consumer safety.

Food metal detectors and x-ray machines help protect both brands and consumers by finding contaminants before the items are sold in stores. This includes different types of metal, and even pieces that are very small. Finally, insuring that these items that are contaminated never make it out into the marketplace is important. It can keep consumers feeling positive about the brand, and insure that a possible lawsuit does not happen. This goes a long way in keeping brand recognition positive, and continuing to sell.

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