• The Top 4 Dips To Try As Quickly As Possible

    Veggie dips

    Dips are one of the more foods out there … whether you consider them a condiment or a true side dish, they can serve plenty of purposes. There are dips made especially for things like sporting events; dessert dips that are more sugary than savory; and nutrient … rich dips that can do a lot for your health. Something as simple as a veggie dip can help you get your dose of vegetables. After all, consuming fruits and vegetables three or more times a day is associated with lowering your risk of stroke by 27%, with the mortality rate associated with stroke being lowered by 45% and CVD mortality being lowered by 25%. So: what kinds of dips should you try next?

    1. Greek Yogurt Dip

    The great Continue Reading

  • 3 Delicious and Unexpected Ways to Use Roasted Garlic Salsa

    Fresh salsa calories

    You’ve probably seen the term “roasted garlic” used in tons of products, from traditional Italian roasted garlic pasta sauce to roasted garlic salsa. But what does it actually mean? Garlic is often used in cooked applications, so why is it sometimes roasted first? The answer is that roasting garlic brings out natural sweetness in it and mellows the overall bite, resulting in an almost nutty flavor. It’s a great option for kids, or for anyone else who likes a little garlic flavor but a little less punch.

    So how might you go about using all those roasted garlic products, now that you know how tasty they can be? Here are three suggestions for roasted garlic salsa recipes even the kids in your house will love to have for dinner.

    Three Creative Ways to Use Roasted Garlic Salsa

  • Three Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Hummus

    Salsa dips
    1. A History Lesson
      Hummus has origins dating back thousands of years ago, in the 13th century in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Greece, and Palestine, and Syria. It all started when the Phoenicians brought the chickpea back to the Middle East 7,000 years ago.
      But despite its ancient origins, the deliciousness that is hummus dip did not hit American health food store shelves until the 1960s. And even then, hummus dips were only popular among certain crowds. It took decades for Americans to warm up to the distinct yet delicious taste of hummus.
    2. Hummus Among-us
      Today, hummus is so popular that it’s actually considered the dominating dip among the “refrige Continue Reading
  • Ooey Gooey Chewy and Gluten Free? Try This Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

    Gourmet cookie san diego

    They say if you give a mouse a cookie, they’ll ask for a glass of milk. These days, however, if you give a mouse a cookie, it’s likely ask whether it’s gluten free cookies or not!
    Yes, times have certainly changed. But why don’t people eat regular chocolate chip cookies anymore, and other baked goods? The simple answer is flour; those with Celiac Disease are unable to digest flour due to the wheat proteins found in gluten.
    Society is no stranger to Celiac Disease. Rather, the first case of Celiac was reported to have occurred over 2000 years ago, when archaeologists excavated the body of a woman who died from poor nutrition, and was unable to digest and breakdown the gluten in wheat. Since then, cases o Continue Reading

  • Spice Up Your Meals, Mexican Style

    Cocina latina

    There is certainly no shortage of food in the U.S. Likewise, there is no shortage of the types of food you can order from restaurants, or make at home with the right ingredients. Because the U.S. is such a melting pot of cultures, the cuisine all around us is varied and rich.

    In the U.S. ethnic foods market, Mexican food is the most popular, comprising 62% of the food, drug, mass index (FMDx), and it’s no surprise. Mexican food, or Hispanic food, is known for its nutritional value, freshness, flavor, and lively presentation. If you’re looking for yummy dinner ideas, you don’t need t Continue Reading

  • Making the Most out of Microgreens

    Edible flowers

    You’ve never heard of microgeens!  Yes, you have.  You’ve probably had them dozens if not hundreds of times as these petite greens have been gracing our tables and enriching our meals for more than a few decades now.  They are often used in those really yummy sandwiches and on these salads you get in specialty shoppes around the country but their colors, textures and tastes add to really any meal.

    These delectable herbs and vegetables, such as arugula or Swiss chard —  there are hundreds of kinds,  are harvested early — just after the first leaves have fully formed — from the plant.  People who know how to grow micrograms know when exactly to harvest them so they are at peak flavor, texture Continue Reading

  • Pass the Mimosas 4 Event Themes Trending Right Now

    Best wedding menus

    Planning an event? With event planning and catering, there’s a lot to consider. Professional catering services offer a great variety of choices to go with your event, and caterers may even be in charge of some decor, table arrangements, and food presentation. When working with a caterer, consider the type of event you would like to have and the event menus will follow.

    Who doesn’t love mimosas? Brunch events are becoming increasingly popular. With most events taking place in the early evening, brunch events are pleasantly unusual and unexpected. Good caterers notice trends, and many have event menus suitable for any good brunch. From Bloody Marys to omelette bars, event catering ideas are varied fo Continue Reading

  • Say You Care With a Cookie Gift Basket

    Chocolate chip cookie

    Cookie gift baskets make an excellent surprise for a variety of occasions. Give a basket full of savory gourmet cookies as a housewarming gift, as a condolence gift, a get well gift, or for that office party where no present seems to be right. Never worry again about getting the perfect wedding gift, because personalized wedding cookie baskets are a perfect surprise.

    Cookies are a great gift because they are consumed by approximately 92.5% of households in the United States as a snack or as a dessert. There aren’t many other gifts that can boast that level of popularity!

    Freshly baked cookies are a perfect corporate business gift, as well. Choose a variety of Continue Reading

  • How Coffee and Money Make the World Go Round

    Mobile cafe business

    Nowadays, sipping — and spilling — tea is all the rage thanks to the advice of health gurus and of course Kermit the frog, however, coffee still remains the king of hot and cold beverages. If there was ever a business that was Recession-proof, it’s the coffee industry.

    Business Insider reports that coffee exportation alone is an impressive $20 billion dollar industry across the globe. Similarly, Business Insider also reported that the coffee industry itself is worth a staggering $100 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. While quite large, these figures should come as no surprise, considering there are an estimated 14 billion espresso coffees consumed each year across the world. Furthermore, nearly 500 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed each year worldwide.

    As such, mobile coffee franchises have Continue Reading

  • Hummus The Secret Ingredient You Food Has Been Missing

    Recipes with hummus

    Canada is known for it’s long, harsh, and often very dark winters, which is why Canadians love and enjoy the summer months that much more. And with summer weather, comes lighter fare such as cucumber cup recipes, deviled egg recipes, various dips and spreads, and of course hummus dips.

    While hummus dips are the perfect ingredient or accompaniment for fast and easy appetizers in the summer, this incredibly tasty bean-based condiment can be enjoyed all year round — even in the midst of a bitterly cold Canandian winter. In fact, as the popularity of hummus continues to rapidly expand, hummus is now being enjoyed by Canadians all year round, and not just for summer party appetizer ideas.

    For example, did you know that you can cook with hummus? Sure, hummus is sold and kept refrigerated, however, it Continue Reading

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