Eating When Sad and Frozen Yogurt A Sweet Mix

Gelato cup

People love ice cream and frozen yogurt! These delicious treats are great for any day whether it is hot or cold. If you’re mourning a breakup, it’s time to buy an ice cream cup. Just missed out on a promotion? Have a gelato cup on me. If you’re feeling sad in general, go get a cup of yogurt or buy frozen yogurt supplies to make some yourself.

The thing is that sweet treats are celebrated and used year round. In fact, statistics say that the average American eats ice cream at least 28 times a year. Honestly though, that number seems short. Of course, that might be the stomach full of sweet dessert talking.

The thing is, there are real scientific reasons why we like frozen yogurt and ice cream so much. Its sweetness is so great that it actually makes us feel better. That’s right, we don’t just eat ice cream to feel good or to forget our troubles in a placebo type fashion. There’s an actual scientific reaction that we get from eating ice cream.

More specifically, there have been several studies that tried to understand why we eat ice cream when we’re sad. In Belgium, the University of Leuven conducted a study to see fatty food’s effect on the brain. It turns out that the brain stopped responding to sadness as much when study participants ate the fat.

Also, it’s been found that our tastes buds are more sensitive when we are sad. For instance, a study conducted by the University of Wurzberg in Germany focused on patients who were watching sad movies. The results found that these patients showed signs of heightened taste buds. In fact, the people in the study showed a 15% higher ability to detect bitter, sweet, and sour flavors.

All of this shows that ice cream and frozen yogurt are great treats to have when sad. Let’s face it, these treats are great any time of the year and in any mood. That said, there is scientific proof that you’ll have a heightened experience when eating frozen yogurt and ice cream when in a low mood. So, go to your local store, get some frozen yogurt supplies and dig in. You’ll feel better when you get to the other end.

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