Ice Cream The Secrets That Might Surprise You

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In the centuries since it was first created, ice cream has become more than just a dessert — it’s practically a national pastime. We don’t just eat it — we make it, we mix it with other desserts, and we get as many different flavors out of it as possible. Ice cream can be and is devoured in a number of different ways — there are ice cream cones, ice cream cups, ice cream sundaes, and much more. We love ice cream because of its diversity, and we don’t waste any time on lesser sweet, frozen treats when we can have the original. Although we tend to dig our spoons into shaved ice on hot summer days, when offered the alternative of ice cream, the winner is usually quite clear. So why is that we love ice cream so much — not just in America, but around the world? What makes one “type” of ice cream different from another? And which flavors are people just dying to try when the temperatures begin to rise? (Though ice cream is by no means just a summer dessert, as those who eat ice cream cake around the winter holidays will attest.) Below, we’ll explore the many mysteries of ice cream, and perhaps uncover a few facts you didn’t know about your favorite dessert.

We Eat A LOT Of Ice Cream

There’s no way to overstate exactly how much people love ice cream, because they love it to a ridiculous degree, especially in America. It’s estimated that in any given two week period, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. This could be in part due to the availability of ice cream. Whereas some desserts require baking or shelling out a good bit of many, ice cream can be bought cheaply and is prepared with great ease. For that matter, ice cream can be bought almost anywhere. There are individual ice cream parlors, but also tubs of ice cream available in big grocery stores and small gas stations alike. Ice cream is also sold at most restaurants, whether they be fast food or fine dining establishments. It’s no wonder that 90% of American households will regularly indulge in a frozen sweet treat of some kind. Ice cream is also easy for anyone to eat, no matter how young or hold old. You just load up your spoons with ice cream and go to town!

Ice Cream Comes In Many Different Forms

Today, ice cream is not just ice cream. In America, frozen yogurt has become wildly popular, especially among young people. Frozen yogurt and ice cream are very similar; but frozen yogurt has a slightly tangier quality, and for that matter a different texture. Frozen yogurt bars also often offer many different toppings, which can be done with ice cream but is less of an “institution” the way it is with frozen yogurt. There is also the Italian gelato, which hasn’t made the same impression in America but is famous worldwide. In Italy, gelato shop owners regularly stock their shelves with tasting spoons. Guests are invited to use these spoons to try the variety of flavors available and choose their favorite. What’s so different about gelato and ice cream? It comes down the creation process. After the churning process, ice cream is made up of about 50% air. Gelato, in contrast, is made up of 25% to 30% air. It’s made up of 3% to 8% milkfat, a higher level than typical American ice cream. This creates a creamier consistency.

What Do We Love In Our Ice Cream?

The great thing about ice cream is that you can find so many different flavors. But we tend to come back over and over to classic flavors. According to a survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies, vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream among their customers at 28%. Whether you’re a lover of vanilla or one of the wilder flavors out there, you’ll find what you need in ice cream.

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