Ice Cream, Gelato, and Frozen Yogurt Spoons–It’s Time to Serve Dessert!

Frozen yogurt store supplies

There are quite a variety of spoons to keep in stock to accompany one of the United States’ favorite treats: sweet frozen desserts. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and gelato are often purchased in individualized servings or in multiple-serving-size containers.

Were you aware that the proverbial average American will eat ice cream 28.5 times per year? They do. Over 90% of Americans, in fact, treat themselves to frozen desserts on a regular basis. Furthermore, 40% will savor a frozen decadent dessert such as ice cream during every two-week period, according to research conducted by the NPD Group.

When you consider there are approximately 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen desserts produced every year, and that by the end of 2013, there were about 2,582 frozen yogurt shops, just imagine all the spoons that are needed!

While many people like to enjoy their ice cream or frozen yogurt in a cone, others prefer to linger over an individualized container with a spoon. Do you have these spoons in stock?

    Assorted colored spoons
    Frozen yogurt spoons
    Gelato spoons
    Ice cream spoons
    Plastic tasting spoons

After you’ve conducted inventory and completed your spoon order, the next item on your list will likely be these other essential supplies:

    Custom frozen yogurt cups
    Custom ice cream cups
    Gelato cups
    Ice cream cups with lids
    Ice cream party supplies
    Ice cream shop supplies
    Paper ice cream cups
    Paper ice cream cups with lids
    Plastic ice cream cups
    Plastic ice cream cups with lids

The International Ice Cream Association and its member companies conducted a survey recently. They found that 28% of their consumers continued to say that vanilla was their favorite flavor. That said, there are an amazing number of flavors available for gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

How many different flavors do you have available at any given time? In addition to the ever-popular chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, do you also have pineapple-coconut? Salted caramel? Pistachio? What about praline or pecan? A tangy lemon sorbet?

Even though you know what your regular customers tend to choose, it’s always a good idea to mix-it-up a bit and encourage them to try new flavors–and remember to have a large container of tasting spoons on-hand!

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