Gelato, Frozen Yogurt And Ice Cream The Great American Treats

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When’s the last time you went to the ice cream shop? More importantly, what exactly made it such a memorable experience for you? Ice cream, frozen yogurt and related desserts are some of the most popular desserts in the world and have a history dating back many hundreds of years. When it comes to a modern ice cream business, small details like paper ice cream cups and dessert supplies can make or break a business. Let’s do a little digging as to the allure of ice cream and what your business can stand to learn.

Who Eats Ice Cream?

An easier question would be…who doesn’t? The average American will eat ice cream almost 30 times in one year. In fact, ongoing research by the NPD Group has revealed 40% of Americans will eat ice cream within any given two-week period. At the end of 2013 there were an estimated 2,500 frozen yogurt stores, which is nothing to say of traditional ice cream shops and smoothie bars. How did ice cream become so popular, anyway?

Where Did Ice Cream Come From?

Ice cream is an ancient, delectable delicacy readily devoured over many a millennia. Say that five times fast! Scholars and anthropologists have seen evidence of ice cream being eaten thousands of years ago and dating back to ancient China and multiple Middle Eastern countries. Cold milk mixed with rice as well as frozen fruits were but a few of the different techniques used to create these treats, considered ideal for hot seasons and special occasions alike. But how is ice cream made today?

How Is Ice Cream Made?

Thanks to modern technology ice cream can be made easily, quickly and to incredible quality. Ice cream generally contains more than 50% air after the churning process has been completed, leading to the fluffy texture we all know and love. It’s estimated nearly 10% of all the milk produced by American dairy farmers is used to create ice cream and related products. Now that’s love! June is the month the most ice cream is produced, perfect considering it’s the month that heralds summer.

How Is Gelato Made?

A little different than conventional ice cream, gelato was originally created in Europe and has since spread to every corner of the globe for its incredible consistency and high quality. Gelato contains anywhere from 3% to 8% milkfat, as well as 25% to 30% air, making it creamier and thicker than your traditional fluffy ice cream.

How Is Frozen Yogurt Made?

Frozen yogurt puts a higher emphasis on fruity flavors and an icy consistency compared to gelato and ice cream. Gelato supplies and frozen yogurt cups are all incredibly important additions to your average ice cream shop, allowing people to further customize their experience beyond taste.

What Makes A Good Ice Cream Shop?

Whether it’s paper ice cream cups or colored spoons, it’s all in the dessert supplies. There are nearly one billion gallons of ice cream and frozen yogurt produced every year, making this still one of the most successful segments of the food industry. Tasting spoons are a must to allow customers to try new flavors, while paper ice cream cups and dessert cups are helpful for customers who are on the mood and don’t have time to chew on an ice cream cone. Ice cream is only going to get more popular from here on out with summers and holidays to look forward to. Why not keep your business ahead of the times?

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