5 Unique Reception Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

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Spring and summer may be popular wedding months, but lots of couples are embracing the idea of putting a unique twist on their reception with a winter wedding. In many parts of the country, holding a wedding reception outdoors in December may not be an option. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to host a beautiful and memorable reception to celebrate your love and commitment — and dance the night away. You may even find that one of the best places to have a wedding might be right under your nose! All you need is a little creativity. Whether you’re on a quest to find one of the most unique wedding places in your area or you want to use a beloved wedding venue in a brand new way, here are five of the coolest wedding reception ideas for your upcoming winter wedding:

  • Black and White Ball
    Nothing’s classier than a black tie affair. If you aren’t concerned about being the only woman wearing white at your wedding, why not turn your reception into a black and white ball? Your guests will dress in their best attire, and all your decor will look sharp and sophisticated. Unconventional brides will love this option, and your guests will have a ball at this affair to remember.
  • Masquerade Party
    Even if your ceremony is straightforward, that doesn’t mean your reception has to be! Many brides opt to turn their party venues into a hub of festivities with something innovative like a masquerade. Make sure you choose one of the most romantic wedding places for your party. Tell guests to don party dresses and bring along a mask of their choice (be sure to provide extras for anyone who forgets!). You can echo the theme in your cake, decor, and flowers. This is ideal for romantic wedding places in particular — the intrigue and mischief are paramount for passion! You can host your own Shakespearean love story by encouraging everyone to get in on the masked fun.
  • Cozy Log Cabin
    For those couples who’d rather book a party somewhere low-key and familiar, a log cabin themed reception can be perfectly warm and cozy for your wedding reception. Like those popular barn weddings, a log cabin reception can be an excellent way to incorporate a rustic, homey feel into your nuptials. Hosting a log cabin wedding can be a great, no-frills alternative that allows you and your guests to appreciate the beauty of the winter season and the time you spend together. You can even play into the theme with the type of food you choose or the attire you encourage for your guests. It may even end up being one of the most romantic wedding places you could ever find, as you could spend your honeymoon in a cabin, too!
  • Winter Wonderland
    Of course, you could always bring the outside in for your winter wedding! Decorate with birch branches, pine boughs, berries, and pine cones. Embrace anything that sparkles, whether it’s fake snow, glitter, or candlelight. You’ll be amazed by how you can transform even the most modest of halls into one of the most breathtaking, tranquil, and romantic wedding places you’ve ever set eyes on. Think about using winter greenery in your bouquet or even your hair for the big day.
  • Sunday Brunch
    There’s nothing better than a hot Sunday brunch to offset the winter weather. Opting for a Sunday morning brunch reception can help you to cut costs or can even help you land a coveted venue that might not otherwise be available. While many couples want to serve the classics, you might want to think about making some less conventional items available at brunch. Wholly 67% of people took note that ethnic-inspired breakfast items — like Chorizo scrambled eggs or coconut milk pancakes — were hot-ticket items at restaurants in 2015. Serving such items at your brunch reception will be a hit. Make sure you have a well-stocked coffee, tea, and hot chocolate bar to ward off the seasonal chill!

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