3 Important Features of Plastic Thermoformed Trays

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No matter what industry you are in, you will need a reliable packaging solution for your products. There are many packaging options available to you, but if you read on you will learn how plastic thermoformed trays are ideal for a variety of product types.

Three Beneficial Features of Plastic Thermoformed Trays

  1. Versatility. Plastic thermoformed trays are easily customizable. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as a number of different plastics. Thermoforming companies produce plastic trays for all kinds of industries; for instance, they are a common choice for both medical packaging and food packaging containers. Plastic thermoformed trays are often designed to hold bulk items like party trays for finger foods or trays that separate small hardware pieces like nuts and screws.
  2. Durability. Plastic trays are also often used for shipping products because their custom fit and durability keep goods protected during transport. Thermoform packaging like ready made plastic trays can be molded to tightly grip the products they carry, which makes them ideal for packaging medical supplies like syringes. The plastic can simply snap into place tightly enough that the tray can lay flat or stand up without spilling the contents.
  3. Transparency. Transparent thermoformed packaging is ideal for the retail environment because manufacturers can include stylish graphics cards to make the product easily recognizable. You want your product to catch the shopper?s attention and stand out from similar items on the shelf. When the consumer is able to see the product through the packaging, they tend to feel more comfortable with their purchase.

Some products present very particular packaging challenges and some require special features like extra protection from the elements. If you have a product that cannot be jostled during transport or a product with an abnormal shape, customizable plastic trays might be the packaging solution you are looking for.

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