• Are You Making Plans for Your Wedding Day?

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    The decision to have a Friday evening movie was a difficult sale. In fact, if you had let your mom have her way, the wedding might not have ever happened at all. According to her there were exactly two requirements that were not up for negotiations: the wedding had to be in a church, and it had to be on a Saturday.
    Unfortunately, as you began the whole planning process, two things became immediately apparent: the church was booked and the Saturday options were very limited. After convincing your mom to take a very deep breath on several very stressful occasions, your father finally took charge. He explained to your mom that both of her requirements, though they would certainly be lovely, were anything that had to happen. No one in your family, not even your mother who had been on the church council f Continue Reading

  • What Industrial Appliances Are You Using in Your Restaurant’s Kitchen?

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    Do you knead your dough by hand? If so, you’re probably aware that it can take up to 25 minutes to do so. When you have an industrial dough mixer, such as a commercial spiral mixer, however, it will take less time and effort.

    Whether you own and operate a bakery or a restaurant with pizza on the menu, you know how important it is to have time-saving procedures that assist you with maintaining quality. A commercial spiral mixer can accomplish these tasks for you and your employees, which is particularly important when your establishment is busy.

    Since 34% of people in the United States enjoy having meals at casual restaurants at least once a week, chances are your establishmen Continue Reading

  • Tired of Searching for Grass Fed Meat and Free Range Chicken at the Supermarket? Order These Items Online

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    If you’re unable to locate quality meat at your local grocery store, were you aware that you can find free range meat for sale online? Since you care about purchasing and preparing only the best, just imagine the benefits of having grass fed steaks and free range chicken, wild caught Alaskan salmon, and free range pork delivered to your door.

    Were you aware that people in the United States put an average of 66.5 pounds of beef on their table every year? The average American will also serve 90 pounds of chicken at various meals throughout the year.

    The beef from grass-fed cows< Continue Reading

  • Is Grass Fed Meat Better For You?

    Grass fed steaks online

    Would you buy meat online? You can buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon online now, but what about BEEF? The average American eats about 66.5 pounds of it each year, compared to about 90 pounds of chicken. With all that meat being consumed, some savvy consumers are concerned about the quality of the meat they are eating, and not in the USDA Choice way, but in terms of sustainability.

    There is a concern with grass fed beef, that it simply won’t taste as good as beef from cows that were finished on grain. While only about 3% of shoppers buy grass fed beef, there is hope that that number will rise. People don’t buy grass fed meat for a few reasons, among them the increased pri Continue Reading

  • Explore New Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and Gelato Flavors with a Bright, Shiny Tasting Spoon

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    America’s love for ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and other decadent desserts such as ice cream cakes, is well-known. The NPD Group’s research indicates that in any 2-week period, 40% of the United States’ population will consume ice cream. On average, this amounts to at least 28.5 times this year.

    Every year, roughly 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen desserts are produced in the United States. Thanks to United States’ dairy farmers, roughly 9% of the milk they provide is used as a central ingredient in ice cream.

    Most of this ice cream is produced in June, which is no surprise. There’s something about summer that resonates with ice cream. Nevertheless Continue Reading

  • Tips for Choosing the Best Catering Team for Your Upcoming Event

    Outside catering services

    What do you remember the most about the weddings and other events you attend? You probably quickly forget the decorations. You likely even forget the specific activities that took place. It is very likely, however, that you remember the food you ate. Catering is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your event planning process. How do you choose the best special event catering services?

    Request reviews

    Great caterers tend to also have great reviews. You can learn a lot about the catering business you are considering with previous reviews. Reviews often tell you what other customers enjoyed and did not enjoy about their specific special Continue Reading

  • 3 Ways to Incorporate Organic Micro Greens into Your Next Dish

    Edible orchids

    Tiny, delicate versions of common vegetables have descended upon the cooking scene. Whether you?re in a fine dining restaurant or at a friend?s dinner party, your dish may very well be accented with these miniature veggies. But what exactly are these petite plate occupiers?

    They?re called micro greens, and their recent addition to the foodie world is hardly just a trend. These tiny versions of our everyday vegetables have been around for 20-30 years, but gained popularity in recent years for their distinct textures and ability to enhance even the simplest of plates.

    Organic micro greens, as is notably the best variation for obvious reasons, require a specific planting process. Seeds from common vegetables like spinach, pea or beet, are harvested as seedlings, before they mature to adults. This time s Continue Reading

  • Frozen Treats America’s Favorite Desserts on Hot, Summer Days

    Custom frozen yogurt cups

    Summer is fast approaching which means it?s time to start preparing for ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt. There?s nothing more delicious than a cool, sweet treat on hot summer days and fun summer nights with friends and family. While you can enjoy ice cream and other frozen treats any day of the year, they?re definitely more tasty during the summer. In fact, more ice cream is produced in June than any other month of the year meaning more cups, cones, gelato supplies and spoons needed during the summertime.

    Despite there being so many treats, snacks and desserts to choose from like cupcakes, chips, cookies and candy, Americans love their frozen treats. On average, frozen treats are enjoyed by Continue Reading

  • Tips and Tricks for the New Beekeeper

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    There are a lot of components that go into beekeeping. It might seem like an overwhelming hobby or even occupation but it’s actually fun and rewarding when you get the hang of it. There are a lot of benefit that go into beekeeping, some you might expect, others you might not. For clarity’s sake, we can call these Beekeeper gifts. Some beekeeper gifts you might give, others you might receive. But both are equally important. Here are some important tips for the beginning beekeeper, what you might need or want and what you can expect to get out of this fascinating hobby.

      Tools of the trade
      There is a standard set of equipment that’s recommended for all beekeepers to follow. These aren’t so much beekeeper gifts as they tools for the beekeeper safe so they can reap all the Continue Reading

  • Nature’s Way is Always the Best Way

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    A major movement in the 1990s saw a growing number of ranchers quit sending their animals away to feedlots. It is during their stay at these feedlots that farm animals are fattened on grain, soy, and other kinds of supplements, many of which are not natural. Instead of sending them away, these ranchers began letting their animals grow at a natural pace.

    The animals that are raised in this manner are done so without being injected with hormones or being fed growth-promoting additives. Instead, they are able to grow at a natural pace. This means that they can live lives that are much more low-stress and are healthy enough on their on in their natural environment that there is really no need to treat them with antibiotics or other types of drugs.

    For example, grass fed and free range chicken that are raise Continue Reading

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