Here are 3 Ice Cream and Gelato Supplies Your Store Should Have

Ice cream has been a popular dessert treat in the United States for well over a hundred years. The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 and it’s been a popular choice ever since. With ice cream and gelato being so popular, it’s important to have a store stocked with the most essential supplies for eating and enjoying these frozen treats. This article will be taking a look at several essential ice cream and gelato supplies that you should have in your store.

  • Ice Cream and Gelato Cups: One of the most important supplies you need to have in your store are ice cream and gelato cups. These frozen treats can be placed in a cone if the customer so desires, but many also choose to eat them in a cup. While similar in nature, ice cream and gelato are typically served in slightly different cups, so it’s important to have both in stock. It’s also important to make sure the cups you stock are made of paper, since they are recyclable and won’t damage the environment.
  • Ice Cream Spoons: Another ice cream and gelato item that you’ll need in your store are ice cream spoons. These are little plastic spoons that are designed specifically for eating frozen treats like ice cream and gelato. Customers typically buy these for their own use at home, or for large events where frozen desserts will be served and they need a lot of dessert spoons for the event.
  • Paper Straws: And finally, a third item that should be available at your store are paper straws. While many customers like to enjoy their ice cream and gelato in a cup or an ice cream cone, many also like to turn the frozen treats into milkshakes and drink them using straws. Stocking specially designed paper straws made for this purpose can appeal to customers who prefer their ice cream in liquid form. It’s always good to appeal to as wide a variety of customers as possible.

In conclusion, there are several ice cream and gelato supplies that you should have available in your store. These items include: ice cream and gelato cups, ice cream spoons, and paper straws. These are just a few of the items that you should have available in your store.

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