Ordering Some Fine Wine

Wine stands as one of the most popular beverages in the world alongside beer, tea, coffee, and plain water. Wine has been made since antiquity and was a staple of the Greeks and Romans, and in fact today’s word “wine” comes from the Latin “vinum.” France and Italy are traditionally the world’s two largest wine producers, having the right climate and terrain to grow grapes needed to make wine. Some French and Italian wineries may be centuries old, and have strong reputations. More recently, the United States joined them as the world’s third major wine-producing country, and California alone makes 90% of American wine. Regardless of where it came from, white wines, red wines, pear wines, and more are always in demand, and today’s young adults love it even more than their parents do. Someone can find local wineries to visit or order some wine online, and they can look up prices for brand names, such as the price of Claret wine. Finding the price of Claret wine or similar brands may help a customer find just what they want for their budget. Looking up the price of Claret wine can also help a wedding party determine their budget for alcohol at the reception, too.

The Popularity of Wine

Many statistics are kept to see what Americans like to eat and drink, and those surveys include tracking wine consumption. The numbers show that wine is as popular as ever, and it has found the biggest audience in the Millennial generation (born 1982-1995). Overall, in 2016, some 949 million gallons of wine were consumed across the United States, and many of those drinkers were young adults in their 20s and early 30s. USA Today showed that in 2015, Millennials consumed around 42% of all wine drank in the United States, and they consumed some 159.6 billion cases of it. Among wine-drinking Millennials, an average person consumed 3.1 glasses per wine per sitting. And in January 2016, 17% of Millennials spent over $20 on a wine bottle. Millennials clearly love wine even more than their Baby Boomer parents, or the Gen Xers between them (many of Generation Z’s members are still too young to drink). With all this wine being consumed and produced, it is important for savvy consumers to find the price of Claret wine or similar brands to get a good purchase.

When and How to Buy Wine

When might someone have a fine drink of wine? Lovers of this drink may have it nearly every day (responsibly), but many occasions call for wine, too. New Year’s is a popular time to drink wine, especially for women, and a person may also have wine on their birthday or a wedding anniversary with their partner. And as mentioned above, wine is also a great choice for a wedding. Most wedding receptions feature food and drink, and that may include an open bar. Guests may also each get a glass of wine with their lunch or dinner at the reception, and the wedding party will look to local wine suppliers to find the right drink. They may find wines that pair well with the reception’s food, for example, within budget.

Wine lovers may visit local wineries to choose their favorite local brands, and residents of warm states such as California may find many wineries nearby (though nearly all American states have at least one). At a winery, a guest may not only go on a guided tour but also visit the gift shop for related goods such as corkscrews or wine tote bags. Meanwhile, more casual wine buyers may find some at a large grocery store, and many grocery stores have a dedicated wine section. A shopper may explore some inexpensive new brands there and find their new favorite.

Shopping online is also a fine option. Customers may do this if they can’t find their desired brands or flavors locally, and place an order. Wine will be shipped by truck, and if delivered to the customer’s doorstep, someone must be there to sign off for it. Otherwise, the wine may be dropped off at a nearby warehouse and kept in the cooler to protect it. The customer may then be notified, and they can visit and pick up their wine cases.

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