Must-Have Equipment Crucial To Starting Your Own Bakery

The restaurant and bakery industry is soaring in the United States. Estimates put restaurant and bakery sales at $783 billion annually and with the advent of social media, advertising your food to an ever-hungry population is extremely easy.

If you’re known for baking award-winning pies, delicious and crumbly cookies, or a decadent crème Brulees, then it’s time to turn your hobby into a money-making enterprise. While getting your bakery off the ground is no easy fete, it certainly isn’t that hard. With the right mindset, the right tools, hard work, and the right people for the job, you could have your bakery running in no time.

If you’ve had dreams of having a bakery for a while, then you’ll need some help finding the right equipment for your bakery so that you don’t buy a blender instead of a spiral dough mixer. This post will give you the low down on all must-have equipment for starting up a bakery.

Must-Have Equipment for Starting a Bakery

By now you should be familiar with how to roll dough properly and what a spiral dough mixer is and stuff like that so we’ll jump straight into it.

1. Mixers

You know mixers are essential unless you’re trying to do some baking and working out simultaneously. When it comes to commercial baking, however, ordinary mixers won’t suffice. What you need is a commercial dough mixer for all the heavy mixing.

Stand mixers make up the majority of commercial dough mixers on the market, but you can always settle for an immersion blender too. Since hooks are vital too, you’ll always need the right one for heavy commercial baking. A spiral dough mixer, for instance, is a great commercial bakery mixer that won’t ever let you down. A spiral dough mixer will also knead dough gently so it retains its original gluten structure, making it great for bread.

2. Tray Racks with Wheels

If you’re seriously getting into baking, then you’ll need a few mobile tray racks to move your baked goods here and there. It will be a real hassle carrying your baked good for storage or back to the counter one after the other and to be frank; it will look very unprofessional. They are also a good way to expand the storage of your bakery without any new installations.

3. Oven

You’ll obviously need an oven, but not the ordinary kitchen type. What you need is a commercial oven that could bake a lot of stuff in a very short time. Consider buying an industry convection oven for starters, before advancing to a double convection oven that bakes much faster.

You may pair your oven with dough rolling machine and dough sheeter to make work really easier, but these two are not must-have equipment

4. Work Tables

You’ll need a platform to knead your dough, mix your batter, and decorate your cakes, hence a worktable. It makes sense to settle on a stainless steel table not only because it’s easier to clean but also because it will blend in with other equipment in your bakery. You’ll also get extra storage where you can put bowls, spoons, and measuring cups at the bottom of your work table.

5. Scales

For your bakery to succeed, you need to get everything right, even the measurements. Scales ensure you put the right amount of ingredients in your mixes for the delicious result you want. You’ll also get to measure the weight of your cakes and other baked goods, so you don’t undercut your customers while you make an honest profit.

6. Refrigerator

To keep your baked products from getting stale and your ingredients from getting spoilt, then you’ll need a good refrigerator. Remember to find a sleek fridge to match your bakery décor and make sure your fridge is large enough to fit all your baked products and ingredients.

7. Bakery Cases

To put it simply, you need to show off your delicacies to attract your first clients.

With these few baking equipment, you are well on your way of starting your own bakery. Oh! And one more thing, remember to position your ventilation strategically, so those delicious smells hit potential customers right in the face.

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