• Purchasing a Reefer Trailer Unit

    It is true that the United States is home to a massive manufacturing industry, but these factories and warehouses need a way to transport goods all over the place. This is where the truck carrier industry can help, and every day, countless semi trucks are delivering raw materials and finished goods across the nation. Trucks are also integral for land-based trade with Canada along the U.S.-Canadian border. Most often, truck carrier companies are on the small side, and each one has a small but hardworking fleet of trucks ready to make deliveries.

    Some trucks are more specialized than others, and some are general-purpose. When it comes to cold items, an ordinary truck trailer may get too warm, but refrigeration units, or carrier reefers, can help. What is a reefer trailer? It is any truck trailer with cooler units inside to keep the internal temperature low, and brand name trailer Continue Reading

  • What Will A Reefer Trailer Cost Your Business?

    For anybody who has ever been on an extended road trip, they have probably gotten used to passing trailer trucks on a regular basis. But, they most likely do not realize how many different types of these vehicles that they are actually encountering. From a basic semi, to a Carrier reefer, sometimes people just notice the amount of wheels on a vehicle.

    However, those in the industry know just how important these differences are. And, those who are delivering temperature-sensitive goods understand that a reefer unit is special. But, they also need to decide if they want to go with a new reefer trailer option or used reefer trailers, and they need to know what a reefer trailer cost might end up being.

    There are many types of goods that may be carried by a reefer trailer, including flowers. Of course, these are one type of product that very much dep Continue Reading