• What to Look For in Used Reefer Trailers

    The United States is home to a vast manufacturing industry today, which produces everything from cars to computers to books to children’s toys. Standing alone, this industry would rank among the world’s most powerful economies, but it cannot function without support. This is where the robust American transportation network comes in, to deliver food and goods of all kinds to and from factories, warehouses, retailers, and more. Carrier companies are many, and while most are small, there are a few large ones that own trains, ships, and jets that may deliver goods anywhere in a timely manner.

    Most of these carriers are small, and those companies own a modest but hardworking fleet of trucks that can carry freight all over the nation. Besides, these trucks are much easier to afford than a train, and they can go to many places that other vehicles cannot. A carrier company may invest in a variety of specialized and generalist trucks and trailers alike, and new or used reefer units may be Continue Reading