What are True Leaves Microgreens and How do You Use Them

Adding microgreens to salads

True leaves microgreens are the leaves and stems of vegetable and herbs which are still growing. The leaves and stems are harvested earlier than normal for more potent flavor. These are older than normal sprouts, but they are younger than baby vegetables such as kale, spinach and lettuce. They are harvested at the in between stage.

What Makes True Leaves Microgreens Special
These little stems and leaves are packed full of not only flavor but nutrition as well. These tiny things contain much higher amounts of antioxidants and vitamins compared with their adult counterparts. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is recommended but adding microgreens to your diet can increase your nutrient intake and possibly lower your calorie intake.

Microgreens are versatile, tasty and easy to use in a variety of ways. There is no right or wrong way to use microgreens, and the possibilities are endless. These smaller versions of adult plants often pack a more intense, clear and crisp flavor compared to their adult plants. With hundreds of options available you are sure to find plenty of ways to experiment with micro greens, but here are a few ways to get you started.


Adding microgreens to salads provides intense flavor and texture. Using microgreens as a garnish makes salads more appetizing. Top salads prepared with microgreens with low-fat dressings or lemon juice to compliment the flavor rather than cover it up. Salads prepared with true leaves microgreens can either be the appetizer for a meal, or the meal itself. Don’t forget that aside from salads, these additions are great to sandwiches and wraps as well.


Visual appeal of food has long been appreciated, especially by the food industry. The average cost of dining out per person in the U.S. is $28.55 meaning people are willing to pay for food which looks appealing and tastes great. Microgreen garnishes appeal to consumers, but also add visual appeal to meals cooked at home. Choose a variety of colors for your micro greens garnish, such as red, purple and a pretty pink color.

Flavor Enhancer

True leaves microgreens enhance the flavor of food with a small amount. Small portions of these microgreens pack tons of flavor. You can totally alter the taste of a certain dish, or simply add a new flavor coupled with the original flavor. Some micro greens add a subtle spiciness to foods, while some compliment the original flavor of the dish with their own unique flavor.


Throw some microgreens in with your soups, pastas and stir fries. You will not only be packing vitamins into your meal, but you will provide a rich aromatic flavor to an ordinary meal. Top pizzas with true leaves microgreens, and do not be afraid to experiment. Be sure to sample a small piece beforehand so you know how intense the flavor is. This will give you an idea of how much to add.

Microgreens are not new, they have been around for about 30 years, but their popularity is growing rapidly. With an estimated 100 types of garden flowers which are edible, it’s no surprise that some of these plants and flowers can be harvested early for added benefits. Play around with true leaves microgreens and see which ones you like best. Decide which ones work best in certain meals, and you could find yourself using these microgreens on a daily basis for taste and nutritional benefits.

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