• Those Organic Micro Greens on Your Plate are Beautiful and Delicious

    Micro greens recipes

    Everyone loves a nice fine dining experience. There are quite a few factors that combine to make an ideal fine dining experience. From the excitement of getting dressed up to go out, to choosing a new or favorite restaurant, to discovering a new dish or cocktail, going out to eat is a great way to enjoy the finer things in life. In fact you might just learn something about what you are eating as well.

    Ask your server or a chef, if the restaurant is set up with an open kitchen layout, to give you some interesting pointers about your dish. You may find out something you never suspected, like the origin of those organic micro greens on your plate.

    Enjoying your organic micro greens

    Using organic micro greens in dishes is a creative way for chefs to bring a littl Continue Reading

  • What are True Leaves Microgreens and How do You Use Them

    Adding microgreens to salads

    True leaves microgreens are the leaves and stems of vegetable and herbs which are still growing. The leaves and stems are harvested earlier than normal for more potent flavor. These are older than normal sprouts, but they are younger than baby vegetables such as kale, spinach and lettuce. They are harvested at the in between stage.

    What Makes True Leaves Microgreens Special
    These little stems and leaves are packed full of not only flavor but nutrition as well. These tiny things contain much higher amounts of antioxidants and vitamins compared with their adult counterparts. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is recommended but adding microgreens to your diet can increase your nutrient intake and possibly lower your calorie intake.

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