Three Reasons Why You Should Use A Party Rental Company

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The chances are high that at some point in your life, you’re going to be planning a big event of some sort. These events could range in type from weddings to anniversary parties; from work functions to birthday bashes. The one thing the parties we’re talking about have in common is that they involve tents of some kind. Tents can transform an event from drab to exciting, simply because they allow you to have your event in a customized outdoor space. With the right tent, you don’t have to worry if it rains or if it shines, and you can enjoy nature without being too exposed to the elements. Tents are highly recommended for those having garden parties, even, because they’re a respite from the sun for those who want to get some shade. Of course, it’s unlikely that most of us will use tents over and over throughout our lives — at least not party tents. And we certainly won’t have much reason to reuse other things that often come with rents, including dance floors or even — in some cases — bounce castles. Luckily, there’s an solution to this problem. Tent rentals can simplify planning your party — and they aren’t the only party and event essentials you can rent. Let’s look into some of the advantages of tent rentals, and how they — and other rentals — can serve your events well.

1. Cost Efficiency

Money is perhaps the main reason why you’ll want to consider tent rentals over buying a tent outright. Obviously, there are very few occasions for which you’ll need a tent. Although you can possibly sell a used tent after you’re done with it, the market will be small and chances are that you will take a financial loss when selling that tent. With that being said, tent rentals are simply more cost effective, especially when done in conjunction with other rentals. Some rental companies offer party rental packages. In this way, you can take advantage of several party rentals at once — not just a tent rental. This can include dance floor rentals, and, as you’ll discover below, much more. A party rental package can really take your event or party to the next level, and change the entire experience. This is especially true for weddings — 35% of which are now outdoor occasions, with all that entails. These could require not only tent rentals, but dance floor rentals, chair and table rentals, and much more.

2. Variety

Again, one of the great advantages of renting a tent is that you can often rent other things from the same company, often in conjunction with the tent. You can stick to what you absolutely need — the basics — or get creative. Bouncy castles are certainly growing in popularity at events that involve children — even weddings. You don’t need a huge bouncy castle to accommodate people either — a 15 x 15 foot bouncy castle can hold up to 10 children or four adults. Of course, you don’t just need to stick to things that require a lot of setup. Certain food items are also growing in popularity. These, of course, include the newly classic chocolate fountain. Used to serve chocolate fondue, a chocolate fountain often resembled a stepped cone, standing two to four feet tall with a crown on top and stacked tiers over a basin at the bottom. Again, you may want to see if having these items coordinated with others will save you money in the long term.

3. Ease

At the end of the day, all events are difficult to coordinate. However, renting a tent can make your event a lot simpler, and certainly less physically involved for you. When you remember that, on average, a 40 x 80 foot pole takes about four and a half hours to set up, you’ll appreciate the fact that tent rental companies are often willing to do it for you!

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