Nature’s Way is Always the Best Way

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A major movement in the 1990s saw a growing number of ranchers quit sending their animals away to feedlots. It is during their stay at these feedlots that farm animals are fattened on grain, soy, and other kinds of supplements, many of which are not natural. Instead of sending them away, these ranchers began letting their animals grow at a natural pace.

The animals that are raised in this manner are done so without being injected with hormones or being fed growth-promoting additives. Instead, they are able to grow at a natural pace. This means that they can live lives that are much more low-stress and are healthy enough on their on in their natural environment that there is really no need to treat them with antibiotics or other types of drugs.

For example, grass fed and free range chicken that are raised in this type of environment are much more healthy to eat. The same can be said when you buy grass fed beef and of free range pork, as well. Local meat farmers are committed to bringing you a much better product, and in this modern word, they are able to get it to you faster and more efficiently. Grass fed meat delivery is becoming more available to more places every day.

Raising grass fed and free range chicken along with other grass fed meat is an art and a science that requires a great deal of skill. Careful pasture management must be practiced by farmers if they want their livestock to grow health and deliver high-quality nutrients. Before the customer can enjoy the benefits of grass fed cattle or grass fed and free range chicken the animals must be able to forage on grasses that are high in quality. Grasses that have natural vitamins in them. This is especially true for months just prior to slaughter.

The soil must be managed properly and the pastures rotated to keep the nutrition plentiful for the animals. When the plants and grasses are maintained at optimal levels and stages of growth, the animals will thrive in the fields. When you think about it, the ranchers are actually raising the pastures, the animals are just doing what they do naturally. This is why many ranchers who work this way refer to themselves as “grassfarmers.”

Factory farming is cruel and inefficient. The animals are being abused in order to make more food for the general public. The problem is that aside from the practice being cruel and inefficient, it is also not good for humans either. The practices of factory farming produce low-quality food that is depleted of its nutrients and other healthy properties.

When it comes to producing the best kind of meat products, whether they be grass fed and free range chicken, free range pork, or grass fed beef, grassfarmers know what they are doing. Give them a look if you want to eat more healthily and live a better quality of life.

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