Tips and Tricks for the New Beekeeper

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There are a lot of components that go into beekeeping. It might seem like an overwhelming hobby or even occupation but it’s actually fun and rewarding when you get the hang of it. There are a lot of benefit that go into beekeeping, some you might expect, others you might not. For clarity’s sake, we can call these Beekeeper gifts. Some beekeeper gifts you might give, others you might receive. But both are equally important. Here are some important tips for the beginning beekeeper, what you might need or want and what you can expect to get out of this fascinating hobby.

    Tools of the trade
    There is a standard set of equipment that’s recommended for all beekeepers to follow. These aren’t so much beekeeper gifts as they tools for the beekeeper safe so they can reap all the benefits that follow. Can’t enrich yourself or learn while being stung, so it’s important to stay safe. First, take stock of your equipment. Make sure you have all the right gear- strong beekeeping gloves to keep your hands protected. A tough beekeeper hat as well that covers your entire head and face. These are some of the most sensitive parts of the body and will be the parts that hurt the most when stung. So make sure they are protected! You don’t want your health comprised due to a silly mistake. A standard-issue beekeeping suit is essential as well. All of this beekeeping equipment should be in good shape with no holes or tears. Make sure you have a solid guard between you and your tiny, buzzing charges. Honeybees might be docile by nature but they are still watchful and territorial. Treat them with respect and they will treat you with respect. From one homeowner to another. Caution is key, in this respect.
    Other tools
    There are a few other tools you might want to consider, other beekeeper gifts that will keep on giving if you take care of them. A bee hive smoker is one. Another is sturdy tables and surfaces to keep the hives on. The right structures for the hives is important and will keep the bees safe and productive. There are sites and magazines where this equipment can be bought. There are different tools and methods for extracting the honey as well. Study up on this equipment and make sure you utilize all of these tools properly. Long-term goals are important. Keep the hives safe and productive for their and your future stability.
    Benefits and Rewards
    Now we’re getting into the real beekeeper gifts, the ones you can sell and give to your friends and family. Of course, there are the traditional honey bears and flavored honey stix that everybody loves. You can get a fair bit of money for these at farmers markets if you have the proper permissions to sell them.But these are just the monetary benefits. Raw honey, bee pollen and pure royal jelly are all alternative health products that have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Many people have sought these out due to the potential anti-biotic and pro-biotic tendencies they naturally possess. There’s also the emotional and cathartic benefits of taking care of hives. Beekeeping can be a fulfilling reward all on its own. Managing these small, inner worlds. Making sure they are safe and cared for. For many people, these processes can be soothing, even healing. There’s an undeniable art to beekeeping, a flow that’s hard to find in other, similar activities. It’s not for everyone but the people who find that they have the patience or time often come away changed for the experience. Mentally and physically, it can be a transformative experience. Bees can help diversify the natural world and they can diversify the inner world too, if the conditions are right. It just takes a little bit of time and effort on the part of the beekeeper. Those benefits are the true beekeeper gifts and they keep on giving, so long as the keeper in question is willing to stay safe and learn.

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