When Was the Last Time That You Ordered Wine Online?

Surgery meal preparation has begun. four turkey sausage and hash brown casseroles; eight containers of turkey sausage and gravy; seven packages of salmon with asparagus and lemon butter sauce that can be thrown on the grill; and three meals of raspberry pork chops. This weekend was step one of the meal prepping that you want to do before you go in for knee surgery. You also have a plan for another six meals that you want to make for next weekend. Plus, some of your friends sent some amazing recipes that included freezing instructions that will help so much.
It was a week ago when you made the social media request asking for make ahead dinners that would help you prepare for what you know will be a long month of recovery. In addition to the meal planning, you have also spent some time doing some wine online shopping. The online wine sellers offer a number of specials for the summer, and they offer a number of options if you want to register for a year’s long subscription.

You are not certain what will be more valuable. You know that you cannot drink the wine while you are taking any of the pain medications immediately after the surgery, but you are not much for pain meds, so you hope you can wean your way off them and get back to enjoying the wine deals online that you have found.

When you search for cheap wine online, of course, it is important to do your research so that you are not overpaying for the shipping or to make sure that you are not repeating wines that you have not had a chance to try before. Finding the best sites for wine online shopping is fairly easy if you take the time to read the reviews.

Although the sizes can vary when you share wine with friends at home, the standard serving for red wine is five ounces. With more than 7,700 wineries across the country, with at least at one in all of the 50 states it should come as no surprise that there are many people who select this as their favorite alcoholic beverage. Whether you are planning for a dinner out with your spouse or a month at home while you recover from surgery, it is important to realize that there is likely a wine that will be a perfect match.

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