What Do Coffee and Hot Soups Have in Common?

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Everyone loves their coffee. For some it is a nice indulgence once in awhile but for others it can feel like a necessity. One of the great things about coffee is how it can be tailored to fit so many different tastes. There are the black coffee fans, there are the coffee drinkers who prefer a specialty drink with all of the fixings, and there are every other kind of coffee drinker in between. What could be better than finding the perfect coffee spot, where you frequent to get your daily cup of joe just how you like it? What about a spot that not only serves your favorite coffee, but the best hot soups as well?

Coffee and hot soups to warm up your winter days

For most people, enjoying coffee is a year round activity. Some choose to alter their coffee selection as the weather changes, from steaming hot in the cooler months to frozen or blended with ice in the summer. While many people envision enjoying hot soups in the winter so that they can thaw out while they eat, soup really is a great option any time of the year. Finding a spot that offers a daily soup selection is a great way to indulge in a warm, hearty meal without having to spend time in the kitchen yourself. And of course, on those particularly cold and blustery days, when you’ve already had your morning coffee cup to warm up to face the day, keeping the cold at bay with a steaming bowl of soup will have you feeling unstoppable.

The popularity of coffee and soup

Though you don’t typically think of the two going hand in hand, coffee and soup often serve similar functions: they provide delicious warmth. Sure, coffee has the caffeine factor, but depending on your mood and cravings, a bowl of flavorful soup just might hit the spot better than your regular cup of coffee would. Recently, it was reported that over 32% of delis had plans to elevate their soup game by enhancing the stations that they have set up specifically for soup. Everyone loves hearing about the soup of the day, and everyone loves it even more when there is a selection of soup to choose from.

And of course, people love their coffee options, at all times of the day. About 65% of coffee is accompanying breakfast, but there is another 30% that is consumed between meals, and 5% that is enjoyed with other meals. At least half of the population in the United States partakes of some sort of specialty coffee such as a cappuccino, latte, iced coffee, or espresso. The industry is booming, and those spots that find even more ways to draw in more people and expand their customer base by offering different types of coffee, or soup, or other options, will surely be the ones to succeed.

This country is the world’s biggest single buyer of global imports of coffee that hasn’t been roasted. People continue to search for delicious new flavors of soup. Combining both of these loves and cravings into a one stop shop is an excellent choice on the business owner’s end.

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