Today’s Event Catering Business Is Thriving How To Throw The Perfect Party In 2018

Office catering

When’s a good time to invest in event catering?

A better question would be…when isn’t? Event catering services are a wonderful supplement to any office party or birthday bash, providing a little extra convenience to match that delicious spread you’ve been planning for weeks. Not only can they take a little stress off your shoulders while you focus on making every guest feel welcome, they can provide the very best in comfort food to keep people talking well after the event’s come to a close. If you’ve never used event catering before, or aren’t sure what kind of food to get in the first place, keep on reading.

There are more than enough ideas to go around!

Did You Know?

Event catering is incredibly popular. The United States’ employs over 260,000 people in the catering industry, ranging from consultation to cooking to driving. The global contract catering market is also expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (that’s CAGR for those who like acronyms!) of 4% over the next few years. A holiday party this year will certainly be lacking without the aid of an event catering service behind-the-scenes, so without further ado…!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Wings

You have a hundred people to invite and five hundred different opinions on what makes a tasty spread. When in doubt? Go with wings. The barbecue industry has seen business heating up these past few years, according to a consumer survey provided by Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, and people are ever hungry for grilled goodness. Kebabs are both healthy and delicious, easy to eat while still being quite filling, and wings can come in a variety of spices for all tastes.

Try Some Drinks On For Size

What’s even better than some delicious ribs? Look no further than a crisp, sweet margarita on a hot day. Over 65% of respondents to a survey stated that both craft and artisan spirits would be a ‘very hot’ trend in restaurant menus in 2018. An event catering service can make sure everything in your menu compliments one another, adding up to an event that won’t soon be forgotten. Hard cider can make for a tasty compliment to any plate, while a more fancy margarita or martini can liven up the evening quite easily!

Double-Check Your Party Size

The last thing you want is a party that doesn’t satisfy…well, all parties! Today caterers will serve an average of 70 weddings every year, right alongside over 235 non-wedding events, thanks to a study provided by The Knot. The average party size for today’s caterer is around 100 to 250 people. Double-checking how large your office shindig or homecoming bash will be will make sure you don’t miss out on any important details when the event gets underway. That means no lack of napkins, no food deficit and no regrets!

Try Event Catering This Year

Event catering is a booming business. Over one million restaurant locations have been projected in the United States by the end of the year, employing over 15 million people and contributing to a staggering 10% of the American workforce. An event catering service can make sense of all the names, dates and specialized tastes you have to keep track of, helping you cook, deliver and set up your party to the most specific detail. A recent study found over 20% of the average catering bill was dedicated not to food, but to alcohol!

When you’ve got a party coming up and are tearing your hair out…you know who to call!

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