How Used Reefer Units Help Small Companies Grow

What Is A Reefer Trailer?

A reefer trailer is a refrigerated trailer that is attached to a semi-truck to transport perishable items. The cooling within reefers are achieved by applying certain principles of physics that allow refrigeration to be possible.

Why Buying Reefer Units Wholesale Is Best

A reefer unit is imperative to meeting the rising demand for perishable foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. The economic growth certain areas of the world are experiencing is brought about by the consistent urbanization in developing regions and countries that account for changing lifestyles, usually starting first and foremost with foods. Picture this, Dionysus’s parents have moved him and his little sister, Demeter to a rural, developing town in Arizona—food was historically locally-grown but the town’s population is experiencing a sudden increase of families, and the region’s natural resources are becoming scarce. The town decides to outsource its food to maintain its resources and saves themselves from starving and stripping their land. Feeding a rapidly growing population would not have been possible without a reefer trailer to transport the food. Purchasing reefer units wholesale is the ideal investment for companies who are looking to expand their routes at an affordable price.

However, reefer units, let alone the trailer, can be expensive. Fortunately, buying them wholesale is an option for small companies wanting to start-up their business without breaking the bank. Purchasing used reefer trailers reduces the cost significantly, and they are pre-installed with a new reefer unit so small companies won’t have to worry about footing an additional bill. There is a definite trend rising around refrigerator trailers to ensure food safety in emerging economies, with researchers predicting the global refrigerated trailer market estimated around $7, 658 billion as early as 2022. Buying used Thermo King refrigeration units or used trailer refrigeration units allows companies to remain competitive and their promise of safely transporting food while being able to meet the demand, due to transportation cost being cut in half.

8 Important Things To Remember When Buying A Reef Trailer

Buy from a trusted seller: Before buying any equipment, used or new reefer trailer ALWAYS make sure the seller has trusted credentials. There are many cases of fraud, make sure you aren’t a victim.

Check the floors: Make sure there is no significantly damaged sustained to the trailer. Be sure to check the areas that are closest to the rear doors to ensure they are not destroyed and inspect the floors near the rear bogie for cracks.

Leaks: Leaks are never a good sign in any vehicle, make sure there is enough natural light coming in the trailer windows to inspect all corners, seals, and floors for light spots seeping through the trailer.

Excess weight: Excess weight on board means more fuel being used. To make sure there isn’t any water under the panels, look up the trailer’s weight specs and use them as a reference when using a scale.

Check the Reefer Unit: When purchasing a trailer, be sure the unit is intact and usable. Look for any oil leaks, frayed or damaged belts that might stop it from performing at full capacity—test Freon levels to see how well and quickly it cools.

Buying used: When looking to invest in trailers, trucks, or units, it is important to search a used selection first, because that is where the best deals are.

Used Rock Trucks For Sale, Used Thermo Kings, And Used Reefers, Oh My!

Used reefer trailers, used thermo king units, and even used rock trucks for sale are found while browsing through websites. A simple google search will allow you to see the selection you have to choose from—with used rock trucks for sale being apparent in almost every search because of its popularity and high reviews for reliability and used Thermo King units coming in second because of it being a top tier in the trucking industry. Having the means of seeing used rock trucks for sale, refrigeration units, and reefer trailers and Thermo King units for sale in the same search engine allows for a wide variety that is beneficial to small trucking companies.

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