What is a reefer trailer

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A Marvel Of The Age Learn How To Choose A Used Reefer Trailer Unit For 2019 And Beyond

It’s hard to believe there was once a time without refrigerated trucks. Americans rely on them for so many things! Transporting a new batch of life-saving medication across the Midwest. Stocking up local grocery stores on their tastiest frozen yogurt and gelato treats. One way or another, used refrigeration units bring joy and reliability to […]

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How Used Reefer Units Help Small Companies Grow

What Is A Reefer Trailer? A reefer trailer is a refrigerated trailer that is attached to a semi-truck to transport perishable items. The cooling within reefers are achieved by applying certain principles of physics that allow refrigeration to be possible. Why Buying Reefer Units Wholesale Is Best A reefer unit is imperative to meeting the […]